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HAHA! X D Okay darling! *HUGS YOU VERY MUCH!*
(=^ o ^=)// I guess right now is the best time to start readopting lol! X D (Finally caught a break from watching my two charges, for a bit! Babysitting!)
HAHA! X D So I had noticed! : D But I am GLAD you came back to make even more cuties for the site! : 3 I am eternally grateful for that!

(=* W *=)//(Will be adding a category for you soon in my cllection...and will be re-adopting your pets...since it is a trial to go through my tons of adoptions to put in order...though I try to do that on a daily basis and get distracted LOLOLOL!) >; B
HI! X D Your creations are always so darn cute! : D I love the Pusheen kitty that you just made!
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