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Okay Khatz, do what you want to do. I have a maxicanvas account, that site has nice larger images. But is eh in the collecting area. I wasted more time having to delete and recollect things. Plus I don't get the leveling thing there. It is okay, but I don't really care for it. You can not reply to have to go to that person's page. Social wise it stinks. Pretty...but boring. And you can not create many panel pets. (Like the halloween cuties you made.) But if you are thinking about deleting stuff and going, it will be fine. I won't be there...I will be here till they close the site.
I love your squiby <3 <3
AHAHAHAHA! X D YEeeeS BONZAI for SACK BOSS! (=> w <=)// ...OHhhh GOD that is FUNNY as heck that you did the breakdown of what you DID at work....LOLOLOLOLOLOL WOOT WOOT for 80% drawing!!!

(=> o <=)// *VICTORY DANCE and POSE for THAT!* >X 3 LOLOLOLOL!

Oh I have many fave games! >: B I love:

1. Spyro The Dragon all the Playstation 1 and 2 ones.

2. Fatal Frame 1 and 2 (They both scare the crap out of me...and I could only handle playing it for a short time....I get nightmares for days afterwards lolololol! The 2nd one with the twins is creeper than hell. I advise you to not watch and game footage of the endings. There are a few...and the true ending is the worst. I got nosey and watch a few youtube videos...scary as heck! But the Twins bring out my motherly instincts dammit! X D)

3. Tomb Raider...all!

4. Indiana Jones

5. Minecraft

6. GhostBusters

HA! >: D GOOD thing they are relaxed about things! >; 3 Cause then I gets ta talk to mah friend khatz!
AHAHAHA! X D UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! X D She must e trying to freak you OUT then! >; D Someone definitely must have said something! (Meaning anybody over her head per se!) I can not figure out why else a boss would arrive early...when their usual is late-ish. >; B

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