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The Moth collection in your default category.
I got bored and ended up leveling everything that was in your default category at the time.
You should check out your moth collection :D I wasn't sure what you wanted done with the Tide Moth since the adult would be cut in half if it were the last two. If you don't like it reset the level and I'll fix it.
I'm glad you did a Spyro shadowcat ! I love so much the video game! :D
I can't wait that it evolves !
*STOMPS AROUND in my FURRY BOOTS on Khatz profile!* >; B How is your hand darling? I hope it is BETTER! (=> o <=)// *MISSES YOU because I am an idiot that way, missing my friends whenever and always lol!* X D
OHOHOHOHOHOoo Khatz you SNEAK YOUuuuu! >: B

*PROMPTLY GAGS on your truckloads of confetti SUPER surprise ultra ATTACK!!* X D I am assuming it must be resolved, the auto uploading thing. I have not heard of any new uploads...nor seen any. So hopefully the coast is CLEAR as they SAY LOL!


*READS*...(0 o 0).....KHAaaaTZ what the hades happened to your HAND?!?!? MY POOR KHATZ'S HAND!!!! *SENDS THOUGHTS OF HEALING FAST to the Philipines!* UGH! XP Is your right hand your dominant hand? Mine is...though before my injury years ago...I used to be ambidextrous...which was kind of a pain...because I would unconsciously switch hands when writing and wonder why certain letters were harder to write...and realized what I did lol! X D

Eh....I have been hovering around the sites....and kind of just commissioning through DA. I got Granny on Squiby to make me three Free! Iwatobi Swim Club guys....I think Makoto, Nagisa and Haruka...aka Haru, as mermen lol! So that to look forward to soon! : 3 Ehhh.....trying to avoid the squiby drama....other than that...just been so darn busy that I feel my computer misses me lol! *Turns on...opens fave tabs...and dashes off to do stuff/errands/driving car into ground lol!* >; B

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