Khatz I haz MISSED YOU MUCHLY...DAMMIT ALL to fluffy puffy SMITHEREENS!! *Tries to stalk you at your DESK till you give into myself parking on your MONITOR like a dweeb ohhohoooo!*
>; B
*OH WHERE OF WHERE is my little Khatz friend BE...oh where or where is SHEeee?*
>X 3 *Sips my usual HUGE MUG of coffee and resumes my off key singing....of missing my friend Khatz!* X 3
OH I almost forgot! (Copying and pasting here!) --->

Soubii released their Tsukiyama (it has 5 levels in all, including the egg) Publicly for a limited time? : D --->

And made an awesome first set of their OC's in Kemonomimi style! >; D ---> (4 levels in all, including egg!)
>; B

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! X D So you got lost in gaming lala land EH?!?
>; D I go through splurges of playing, and then get distracted by the internet....and then am doing so much stupid real life crud that I feel a desperate need to just play each game that I have been letting SIT there...though my mind becomes obsessive with the about 6 or seven games I am still currently working through right now. One I have barely touched in months because I am really stuck in some odd area. (Ilo and Milo I believe is the name of it.) And there is the weird game on xbox 360 that I still play. It is called Land of Keflings, or something like that. It is playing as your avatar for the I get goofy about things! X D SOoooo.....I can RELATE LOL! Though I never tried playing that game...probably because I play so many....and is it an online game? I am oddly not into RPG....though some games I love have some elements of them. X'''D YEP...just am blah sometimes....Though I still visit Pottermore from time to time. I have YET to try to use spells and such...because I am lame as freak lol!

Eh it is quite okay KHATZ! X D *THROWS hugs and kisses towards your general DIRECTION!*
\\(=^ 3 ^=)// I have missed you SO DARN MUCH!!!! : D
Me? I have been fine and as usual very busy! X D Same old stuff sometimes.....different day lol!

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