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OHOHOHOHOHOoo Khatz you SNEAK YOUuuuu! >: B

*PROMPTLY GAGS on your truckloads of confetti SUPER surprise ultra ATTACK!!* X D I am assuming it must be resolved, the auto uploading thing. I have not heard of any new uploads...nor seen any. So hopefully the coast is CLEAR as they SAY LOL!


*READS*...(0 o 0).....KHAaaaTZ what the hades happened to your HAND?!?!? MY POOR KHATZ'S HAND!!!! *SENDS THOUGHTS OF HEALING FAST to the Philipines!* UGH! XP Is your right hand your dominant hand? Mine is...though before my injury years ago...I used to be ambidextrous...which was kind of a pain...because I would unconsciously switch hands when writing and wonder why certain letters were harder to write...and realized what I did lol! X D

Eh....I have been hovering around the sites....and kind of just commissioning through DA. I got Granny on Squiby to make me three Free! Iwatobi Swim Club guys....I think Makoto, Nagisa and Haruka...aka Haru, as mermen lol! So that to look forward to soon! : 3 Ehhh.....trying to avoid the squiby drama....other than that...just been so darn busy that I feel my computer misses me lol! *Turns on...opens fave tabs...and dashes off to do stuff/errands/driving car into ground lol!* >; B
Hello! It's been a While since I didn't came on Squiby and I saw everywhere the "stop auto ulpoad"
Can you explain me what is it please?
Oh that is great! X D Glad you didn';t have to fix anything! That blinking is a great idea! X D

Yeah I see that problem coming, it will be hard to work around. X D

NOPE, sadly it is just me sending LOTS of notes to them...the owner has not replied back at all. And Nope, not a MOD...YET. But I am requesting as of now to BE one. I just have not finished composing THAT note to them YET LOL! X D

UGH! X D GOOD BYE your poor stress free WEEKEND LOLOLOLOL! youuuu come lolololol! X D NIGHT! *HUGS!*
HA! X D Then if you are gong to post the older ones to that other site, then you are going to have to fix them then I guess. X D Yep cluttered and uninviting...ehh. I bailed on it...I am just observing it for now. Can't wait to SEE the dilemma of promoting the art on the site happen to THEM. I anticipate a huge fail, since they underhandedly recruited people from THIS site..their competition.

Yeah that thing is still there....and I am working on it with the Owner if they want the help or not. I am thinking of asking for being an Admin to their social media sites. But then comes the question...HOW does one PROMOTE their product..without PRODUCT being show in anyway? I think since NO ONE is offering a solution to THAT dilemma, it could be the main sticking POINT to WHY they are being QUIET.

Okay sounds good! (=^ w ^=)b *hugs*
HI Khatz

I just basically deleted all of the adopted pets I had over on that other site yesterday. I came to the conclusion that it was a kind of dumb to readopt pets that I already have or HAD, on here. Before the DELETE-FEST that had gone on. I guess I am just comfortable and love this site so much, and don't care to adopt there. I like that I can gaze at my precious collections on one page. Eh...there seems to be too many drawbacks..and the pixelated adopts that would just barely look good in small versions...look obnoxiously BAaaaD in larger. BUt to each their own. I can't draw so.... ANYWAY! It is nice they finally made Elen an Admin on there. She deserves to have it made public that she is one. She did a fantastic job riling everyone up and recruiting artists and collectors for the site. Are you just going to use that site to upload your pets now? And does it mean you will leave squiby soon?

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