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(=* w *=)//

WOOT! X D OH BOY she made even more Candy Maniac awesomeness huh??? : D *Runs to PEEK and make sure to get THEM!!*
SOooo the Sandman is giving up in despair HUH?!? >; B He will NOT defeat a Khatz on a MISSION!
(=* ^ *=)// LOLOLOLOLOL! *Though I think he will sneak attack YOUuuu...and you will wake UP with the keyboard lettering imprinted on your FACE LOL!* >; D He haz his sand tossing NINJAS ya KNOoooW! >; D
Yep...I believe they MIGHT be working on DA...since there is still odd things wrong with the I drag and drop faves into categories...and the fave button does not turn green...has beeen like that for 2 or 3 months now...did not bother reporting it. X P AHEM! you are going to be INVADED by family carrying MUNCHKIN of EeeeVILNESS HUH?!?!? >; B WELL THERE goes any PEACE that you thought you might HAVE LOL! X'''D Ramble awayyy Khatz...I don't mind in the least! *HUGS MY KHATZ!*

OH HEeeLL YES...some of those HIGH leveling ons are just a nightmare...and thank God for the damn refresh button of magic-ness babehhh! >; B AHAHAHAHA! X D Nice TOUCH...literally LOLOLOLOL! *Pun masters commence lol!....GETS BRICKED!* HAHAHAHA! X D WHY YEeeeS...those naughty passworded Mixes are really the CHALLENGE here.....and I had zero idea how to just post the image...since they melt down on here when you post live links for clicking for some odd reason. And Tech showed me how...and the rest is history...I am a limage linking NUT now with the mixing ADOPTING BABEHHhh! X B lol!

OHHOooo your Mom is like a MASTER of everything!!!! (=* ^ *=)// *Sees Khatz Mom standing atop a pedestal somewhere...looks closely and notices that she is shining/polishing the damn thing like a cleaning MANIAC LOL!* ....OHHhh I haz SEEN that PIXEL SURPRISE NOoooow!!! (=* w *=)// *TRIES TO RUuuuuN before you drop by THERE and stay a SAFE DISTANCE so Khatz don't throw a book at meeee when she visits her DA!* >; B I LOoooVE IT to pieces and BITS KHATZ!!! X D Panda-kun PIXEL GOODNESS FTW!!!! >X 3
>; D
*Answering the older post here lol!* YEP! X D DA broadcasts your Birthday to your watchers muuuuhahahhha! X D So pretty please don't remove the option from DA! (=@ 3 @=)// I like that I can see your Birthday.....because I am a dork...and just indulge me on that sweetheart Khatz pleasey PLEASE!!
(=@ w @=)// NOooo running away CRYING! *Hands you boxes of tissues dammit! X D ......AHAHA! X D Well that is OKAY you don't celebrate your is really for others to do so in my opinion....and it is sweet when they do do SOooo...because ya should know yer loved by your buds and peeps...and general idiot dorks...speaking of myself...anyway! >; B LOL! X 3 HA! X D BEeee that EMOooo WAaaaY! >; B
YEP! X D You get an alert supposedly...that I did NOT get an alert when you made the Ciel that I had seen it on and off works.....YOU just have to type in the users name in the watch list. It is a choice in the pull down menu from the user's name. : D PFFFFT! Me a master of anything...I will have you know my zodiac sign says I am apprentice to alll...and master of NONE LOL! >; B
OH GOD you must have a ton to level UP...between the now 100 normal Candy Maniac Jars....and the over 200 mixes lol! X D (Only know because of the unlocked thingys they post lol!) You must be going CROSS EYED LOL! X D DON't get cross eyed KHATZ....or else your Mother will come after squiby with her tools and mess them UP! X D For having the nerve to harm her precious daughters EYES LOL! >; B
HAHA! X D My poor Khatz battling pokemon STYLE with the big ole BAD SANDMAN trying to make her go to SLEEP LAND and catch some Z's! LOL! ZzzzzzzZZZzzzz!! >; B AHEM! X D Oh you are not the only one having trouble there....DA is being a pain in the A$$ right now...because they are updating the site like usual...while it is live! X P ....And Squiby was a pain yesterday...again..for it is like a bit craziness passing between sites...though squiby today seems normal thank God LOL! X D

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