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OH I forgot to mention that in our My Adoptions...the order goes from bottom to top. So if you adopt three to get stages... the bottom is egg above it is 1st and then above that is 2nd stage. : 3 WAHHA! X D You missed removing this cutie...I forgot to add in his link darn it lol! --> AND this Panda-kun TOOoooo *Crazy typing brougfht to YOUuuu by the glorious CAFFIENE BABEHhhh!* X D --> ...And am I losing my mind? X D I thought the answer was spooky? --> Maybe remove this password too lol! X D (Good gravy I am on a ROLL today! X D I am adopting the egg levels too..hence why I tried adopting again!) X'''D
Khatz can you pretty please raise the limit on Mamoru Chiba? : 3 --> And Sora/Sunao too:

*Shamelessly adopting and re-adopting...I have no clue where my pets are since the sorting of adoptables is still onerous and LONG...they might be in my other categories for all the hey I know lol!* X D Also re-adopting to clean up things..since the order I leveled was a MESS LOL! X''D

*JOINS IN to BONZAI YELLING for all OTAKUS BABEHhhh!* X 3 *TAKES your HUGS like a HUGGING happy MONSTER BABEHhhh!* X 3 (Oh yes...try as not to make her loose patience with YOU LOL! X D)

Nah that Anime is light comedy and handsome bishie BL...but lots of Bromance lol! X D Free! is very fun and funny! X D It was just a drama part that surprised me...and a usually expression-less person having a nightmare..and it kind of reminded me of a few I had lol..but without a pool in it lol! X D You should watch it...Makoto has my HEART and Haru is just too funny with his bluntness and his obsession with Freestyle swimming! X D Hence the title: Free! X D


*Accepts you WORSHIPPING of my CRAZY SELF LOL...Gets out a hand fan to DO the DIGNITY evil LAUGHING!*
>; D GO CLICK those THINGYS! X D .....Oh I am Master huh? Are you my genie?!? *Commands you to make Chocolate and Cake and Icing have ZERO CALORIES DAMMIT!* X D LOL! >; B....Oh you can become a fan by going to a Users page and clicking on their screen name. You can click on my screen name and then a dark blue drop down list appears. Become a Fan is the last choice in it. Click on it...and then it will show your avatar on a new page...and with a redirect button to go back to the user's profile. X D

YEP...Teenage years are a MENACE to my SANITY DAMMIT! (=@ ^ @=)// THANKS for the GOOD LUCK...I will certainly NEED IT desperately LOL! >; D The patience I have to endure and pull forth..should bring me into freaking SAINTHOOD BABEH!!! LOL!!! >X D

OH YES! X D PARTY with KHATZ bring weapons to keep the punks at BAY and get me a a MUST LOL!
*Has evil laughing SPREE LOL!* >; B

Anime and shows are the best stress reliever...unless there is cliff hangers...then it just adds to it a BIT LOL! X D OHHOoooo you watch Korean Dramas huh? (Or shows...the K-Pop stuff is funny and the boys are too cute and make me wish most guys were like them LOL!)

MUHAHAHA! X D BAD A$$ KHATZ flying BY on her MOTORCYCLE...LOOK OUT HELLS ANGELS...KHATZ is on her was to SHOP for groceries BABEHhhh! >; D LOL!!!!! X D YEP! X D You are BAD A$$ AWESOME KHATZ!!!!
>: 3

OH GEEZ it sounds like you have beyond LIMITED service for internet! X P That just SUCKS rotten EGGS DAMMIT! X o
MUUUUhahahahahaha! >; B I knew I could wrangle a laugh out of you over SQUIBY PORN LOL! >X B

*EVIL LAUGHS like a corny VILLAIN in an anime!* >; D AHEM!~ OHHOooo so she CAUGHT YOU getting your "OTAKU ON", huh?!?!? >: D CAUGHT in the ACT of geeking OUT over our favorite animated shows, is always kind of that FROZEN MOMENT that we all blush OVER LOL! It is almost like: "YOU did not see ANYTHING RIGHT??" And then hoping they just will turn a blind eye or such LOL! X D ....AHAHAHAHA! X D You might be RIGHT about her assessment of whether she should have hired an are obviously more that focused on stuff like she will hopefully just take it in stride and be happy she hired a sweetheart like YOU! *HUGS MY SWEET FRIEND that shares the same love of anime and cute as I DO!!* : 3 AHAHAHAHA! X D WHY YES!!! *THUMPS CHEST...and says OW from pounding my boodbs..lightly pounds chest AFTER LOL!* BE PROUD of your OTAKU-NESS BABEHhhh!

(=* ^ *=)//


(+* W *=)// I luckily have great wifi at my sister's and at my family home! X D And my brother purchased me a BUTT load of memory for my birthday, so I watch so many animes now that I dream in anime at times lol...though the scary parts on SOME I could do without! X D My new Fave "Free! Eternal Summer aka season 2!" Had a nightmare part on that I oddly dreamed about and had to laugh at myself how it crept into my nightmares LOL! X D SHEESH! >; D....AHAHAHAHA! X D YOUuuu are so lucky your boss does not NOTICE that stuff lol! LUCKY! >: D NINJA KHATZ downloading of Torrents DEMON FTW!!!! >X D LOL!!!!!

YEP! *Stands at top of mountain in my dorky HERO POSE..while holding my FAN to BLOW the air through my super hero CAPE!* WHY YES...ADOooooRE ME my subject/STUDENT!! ADOoooREeee MEeeeee!! (=* 3 *=)// *GOOD GOD I am kidding LOL!* >; B X D AHEM! WELL I don't know what to teach you...since....oh wait....we can now RESET the levels of all pets that we over-leveled. We can purchase Gold Membership for others now, and ourselves of course. We have Blogs now...though there is no way yet to WATCH a it gets crazy when you watch os many...and when they have special events...they is no true way to know it is updated...other that to visit their page. This has been happening with Soubii. They have so many events now...and we don't get ALERTS for when they are updated T o T// There are a few artists that still visit. And there is the Monthly Squiby challenge that is back! We can level our pets right away...instead of relying on others to click us. We can just change the order of our profiles. But there are no other designing options yet. I have to think if there are other updates. We can delete comments...hmmm..I will think of the other stuff! X D

AHAHA! X D They had driven me nuts so darn much...and will CONTINUE to drive me nuts for at least a few more years. X D OH TELL ME ABOUT IT....sometime the exhaustion OVER SHADOWS any FUN lol! X D And now they are becoming the nightmare is just STARTING...ugh...but I will deal! X D My niece is the type to create a drama out of EVERYTHING...and it becomes so stressful that I just have to take a deep breath...and plow ahead! X D I have come to a point that I tell them that if they don't like it...they can: "Blow it out your BUTT!" >; D Or nose...take a pick lol! X D HA! X D I try my best to drive safe, I will promise you that! X D *TAKES your hugs GLADLY!* : 3 ...YEP...there are times when I don't even GET that time OFF. My sister likes to go out a LOT and I then long for a job that I had time OFF and a vacation. LOL! X D *sighs* ANYWAY! X D I think they ARE trying to turn me into a zombie....*Hires Khatz to come all the way to the USA to scare them into giving me a vacation dammit!* X D

OHHOooo you are in the basic SAME BOT per se, as me huh? X D Being a Nanny SUCKS..since we have no life...other than what we have to fight tooth and nail to makes me shop to much lol! X D My mechanism to combat it is to look at cute stuff and revel in my anime watching and try to squeeze ANY fun out of it that I CAN! X D WOO! KHATZ you MOTORCYCLE driving REBEL YOUuuuuu!! X D VROOoooooM here comes BAD A$$ KHATZ BABEHhhhh! *VROOOM VROOOooooM!...OUTTA MY WAYYYY PEEPS...I IS driving my bad A$$ BIKER HERE!*

>B D ...OHhhh you are LUCKY then that you can at least GRASP That BIT of sanity THEN! HAHA! : D OH HELLS YEAH...I would choose the secretary position over a nurse TOO...because the nurse part has to deal with things you CAN NOT UNSEE for SURE RIGHT? X D A secretary has to just deal with people that won't end up haunting your sleep lol! X D OHHOOoooo 8 hours SLEEP is the ultimate GOLDEN PRIZE for SURE!!

(+* ^ *=)// ....UGH! X 0 THAT SUCKS that you don't get good internet connection at home! No wonder you have to rely on your workplace for it! X D *GETS ROPE and candles and helps you torture those idiots in charge at your home, for being so lax on fixing the internet problem dammit!
(=T 0 T=)// *HUGS MY KHATZ!*
*JOINS my Khatz in ninja MODE!* >: D

*WHISPERS!* Okay! >: D I will be silent as can BE..with my silly loud fricken mouth lol! X D ...OH MY how BOLD that you are being all SNEAKY LIKE...while she is right THERE LOL LOL LOL! X D KHATZ you crazy NINJA!! LOL!!! >X B HAHA! X D I luck she was wondering about what you were trying to keep hidden from her...she probably thought....BUYING SHOES ONLINE...or naked MEN LOL! >X D LOL!!!!....BUT NOoooo it was SQUIBY PORN LOL!!! *LAUGHS SO HARD at my own idiotic JOKE...because I am completely STUPID like THAT LOL!!!*

>; B

AHAHAHA! X D I know took a bit to realize things like we could just stay on our own page and use the REPLY BUTTON with the right bottom corner, of comments! X D I was being dorky and doing it the long way first...opening another tab and such! X D You were not the only one confused and feeling the STING of being a NOOB LOL! >; D *HUGS MY KHATZ!* X 3

EH...I have been off and on fine...doing the Nanny thing for one of my big sister's still. And driving around so much that I am all but running my car into the ground. I just spent today taking care of my car. Though I had a few repairs the beginning of week. And have to schedule getting my exhaust system to be replaced. But otherwise I have been having the usual crud. Dealing with chores and more errands that drive my sanity out the window. Yet somehow I have regenerated my sanity on my one or two days off a week. Last week I literally only had 30 hours was nerve wracking lol! X D is what it is... X D SOooo how is my KHATZ? : 3 I missed you so MUCH! : D

OH OKAY! X D I will PM you the ones to remove! : D

*TAKES YOU GLOMPS in blushing happiness to get huggies from my friend KHATZ!* X 3

*DUCKS while Khatz is shooting paintballs all over the dang PLACE LOL!*....*BUT ends up looking like a TIE DYE SHIRT...since I am getting CAUGHT in the crossFIRE LOL!* X D

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