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THANKS KHATZ for the congrats! *<----Does goofy evil laughter and points at my lame attempt at RYMING LOL!)>; B Heck I don't get what the Pet of Week IS about anyway...there are tons of people with a higher amount of clicks...but ehhh..I don't mind a free gold month lol! X D

AHAHAHAHA! >: D *DOES DIGNITY LAUGHING POSE!* Well, I was happy to notice you were collecting those devious Daimins TOO, and just had to let you know that they are letting everyone adopt whenever, those seasonal cuties lol! X D You know me...gotta share in the GOODNESS BABEHhhh! *Strikes happy dork blushing POSE!*
>; B

AHAHA! X D I know what you MEAN about the tiredness sort of going AWAY when we get our HUGS and KISSES from the brats that torture US! >X D I melt a lot and am a complete SUCKER for that shiz! X D........*LAUGHS SO LOUD suddenly...and am STILL LAUGHING while typing and having to correct my misspelling BECAUSE OF the laugh ATTACK from NINJA KHATZ!* X'''D The TOILET BOWL gets CLOGGED???? LOL!!!! LOL!! LOL!!! Your Mom must have the plumber on SPEED DIAL LOL!!!....HA! X D At least you know they are eating healthy snacks THEN...........but EWwwwww the SMELL of banana peels when the rot even SLIGHTLY is DISGUSTING LOL! Your Mom must be pinching her NOSE and having to SCRUB her HANDS like CRAZY afterwards! X D

HA! is annoying to create a thread...mainly because they get touchy over if you accidentally created a subject that might have been addresses months or years ago, by another your...but was not FIXED yet. X P So, I don't blame ya! >; D YES, for the MOST part everything on this site is super FAST now! X D I am so happy that they are fixing and had fixed things that were pointed out to them! I AGREE! X D KUDOS all around to them! : D

AHAHAHA! X D That is TRUE...must obsessiveness had me going CRAZY adopting like a MAaaaDWOMAN!!
(=* ^ *=)// Which is WHY I desperately with we could organize IN the category section by dragging and dropping the creations we want NEXT to each other, in order. The My Adoptions thing take hella FOREVERrrr! X P *SIGHS!* SOMEDAY I wiull get my WISH LOL! >; B OHhhh....that is gonna take you forever and a day for sure LOL! X D BUYT I SHALL CHEER YOU OoooN for your efforts to put things in ORDER! X D I am stuck with the...HUNT DOWN...check if still available...delete the ones out of so it is in order! X P

*BLUSHES SO RED that Red Fire Trucks look PALE next to MEeee!* X'''D OKAY! >: B I shall take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for having my Panda SELF and my mini minions DRAGGING your BUTT BACK HERE!!! >; 3 *POSES in a dorky STANCE to take my PUNISHMENT!* >X D LOL! >; B
KHATZ! X D I forgot to let you know that Azulla made most of their pets can search the holiday Daimins here -->
Halloween adoptables: Azulla Halloween
Christmas adoptables: Azulla Christmas
Valentine adoptables: Azulla Vday
AHAHA! My poor Khatz! X D Half a day is quite ENOUGH in many cases! X P Especially if the kids are acting bratty and not listening to almost every thing the adult says. I FEEL FOR YOU DARLING! X 0 *HUGS MY poor tired KHATZ!!!* (=> 3 <=)// The such the LIFE ENERGY out of US LOL! *TRIES to send my OWN life energy YOUR WAY...gets stopped by your customs....and they ask for my Energy's Energy makes a RUN FOR IT and breaks AWAY from the COPPERS..aka COPS! X D Races to Khatz house and then is forcibly sat down by your Parents to have small talk and TEA/COFFEE!* >; B LOL! X D bizarre that I FORGOT that it was CREEPY DAMMIT! >X 0 GEEZ my BRAIN CELL count must have DROPPED since I have been watching my sister's kids! X P LOL! I will have to do some puzzle games to WHIP my brain BACK into shape! X D ...OKIEE DOKIEE!! : D Thank you for editing them Khatz!!! *BLOWS KISSES your WAY TOO!* ....OH GRIEF O' Rama (<--- just some dorky saying I made up when I get exasperated with things lol!) It figures that there ARE a bug or two left on this site. OKAY! : 3 I will adopt them then YAY!!!
X D You might want to add that non-removal of limit bug to the forums, though. They tend to try to fix things pretty fast, compared to that idiot Keith that sat on things for months to a year..before he could be BOTHERED to fix it. X P

YUP! X D That is why your adopts are a mess...we can't just line them up alphabetically for some weird reason. We can do so only when we choose to go through our adopts page by page. But it won't do it if you choose that alphabetical order choice, for categories in the My Adoptions. Things would be so much better if we could organize them. The only choice basically is to delete and adopt them in order again. Which is annoying and I have had to do this. But then I make such the pets are not limited..because I don't want to delete unless I know I can get them back. >; B SO, it makes it LONG going! *sighs!* The shortest way to check you adopts is from the profile page and clicking on categories...but then halfway down you almost forget what tons of pets you looked at ABOVE lol! They added a check mark thingy to show it is "my adoption"...BUT only if you goes the LOoooNG way through the: All Adoptions section! X'''( Which drives me INSANE...because I noticed that in my perpetual crazed excitement...I had adopt some pets 3 times...meaning all levels that many TIMES! X P And the looong drawn out to get the old ones that are out of order and delete going the long alphabetical way I said before. X P

OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOoooo!! >: B *PRETEND EeeeeeVIL GENIUS LAUGHING HERE!!!* >X D I HAZ DRAGGED MY KHATZ HERE AGAIN!!!!!!!! X D YAAAAAY! MUuuuhahahahahahahahaaa! *CROWS IN TRIUMPH!* >: B Panda's HAZ gotta BE CUNNING...since we haz needs of eating more squibys...uhhhh...I MEAN COLLECTING more SQUIBYS BABEHhhhh! *Gets on top of the mountain again with my silly DORKY SUPER HERO CAPE fluttering in the WIND....and the wind ruffling my PANDA SUIT'S FUR!...STRIKING POSE of VICTORY BEING MIIIINE!!!*
(=+ w +=)//

GO TAKE THAT NAP KHATZ YOU SILLY!!! LOL!!!! (=> w <=)// *Bonks you on the head with my threatening 7" plushie BUNNY!*

OH I forgot to mention that in our My Adoptions...the order goes from bottom to top. So if you adopt three to get stages... the bottom is egg above it is 1st and then above that is 2nd stage. : 3 WAHHA! X D You missed removing this cutie...I forgot to add in his link darn it lol! --> AND this Panda-kun TOOoooo *Crazy typing brougfht to YOUuuu by the glorious CAFFIENE BABEHhhh!* X D --> ...And am I losing my mind? X D I thought the answer was spooky? --> Maybe remove this password too lol! X D (Good gravy I am on a ROLL today! X D I am adopting the egg levels too..hence why I tried adopting again!) X'''D
Khatz can you pretty please raise the limit on Mamoru Chiba? : 3 --> And Sora/Sunao too:

*Shamelessly adopting and re-adopting...I have no clue where my pets are since the sorting of adoptables is still onerous and LONG...they might be in my other categories for all the hey I know lol!* X D Also re-adopting to clean up things..since the order I leveled was a MESS LOL! X''D

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