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That is good Khatz...glad there was no others uploaded.

Glad your boss has not gotten angry at your net surfing. X D *Takes confetti and shovels it up!* X D

Yeah I figured you are done with uploading because of that. That's fine because you are worried about that auto uploading thing. Ah don't get in trouble! X D
OKAY! Nice to know that at least those will still exist. Let me know when you start deleting, so I can delete the blank spaces. Time has flown and my miserable deleting spree have just gone crazy. Ehhh...whatever. Ah, I mentioned in your thread that Elen's Dark Forest is closed.
Okay Khatz, do what you want to do. I have a maxicanvas account, that site has nice larger images. But is eh in the collecting area. I wasted more time having to delete and recollect things. Plus I don't get the leveling thing there. It is okay, but I don't really care for it. You can not reply to have to go to that person's page. Social wise it stinks. Pretty...but boring. And you can not create many panel pets. (Like the halloween cuties you made.) But if you are thinking about deleting stuff and going, it will be fine. I won't be there...I will be here till they close the site.
I love your squiby <3 <3
EDIT 10/22/2014 You don't have to bother making my stupid request. Strike to your hearts contentment. X 3

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