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since you are a gold member you can create hidden categories

but thank you for removing it ^^

I want to give you a thank you present, because it was all my fault, just name a number between 1 and 9 ^^
sorry to have to ask you this: you weren't supposed to find that button yet, I wanted to place it in elen89's forest but I accidently released it as public before turning it unlisted, would you mind hiding it for a little while? (you don't have to delete just hide that you have it) please ?? *puppy eyes*
HA! X D IT IS good that you saved all of those screen shots! X D There is plenty of times that I ould kick my own butt for NOT doing screen shots of places that I visit! X P Or just save images in general...because there are so many artists on DA that suddenly decided out of nowhere to throw their art in the VAULT...aka to never be SEEN again. I don't understand that. But when I just randomly go through my older gifts/requests and commissions...I suddenly see the grey locked door of DEATH, as I non-affectionately call IT! X ( And it makes me want to cry...because there is so many that I stupidly did NOT save the images OF. Just makes me frustrated thinking about it. Because there are paid for ones...that I never was sent the files on. (=T o T=)// *SIGHS!*Ah well...that is what I get for not opening my and learn lol! >; P
OH? >: o Did Facebook cancel/terminate the game??? Can it be found anywhere else? (I am a weirdo that ignored all o the games on Facebook to save my sanity..especially since all of my family and cousins...well almost all...are on there. And I avoid going on there for more than keeping up with politics and news. It is also one cheating way to find out if certain annoying siblings might be just showing UP at the family home! >; B *EeeeVIL LAUGHS!*
OHHOoooo!! *Strikes dignity laughing goofy POSE!* I guess I am POPULAR (In my brain I said POOP-ULAR LOL!)
>; B ...WELL...lately I had weirdo mean stalker-ish like commenting...hence why I was strangely silent-ish in the last two days. It was odd and pretty I am hoping that person does not visit this site anymore. I ended up reporting them to the site's owner, through mail and posting about the BLOCK feature not working seemingly.
>X P But...I am hoping it is all over! >: )

ANYWAY!! X D OHOHoooo you are RIGHT KHATZ! BEEeeee your PRETEND EeeeVIL and USE IT BABEHhhhh!
(=* ^ *=)// *JOINS YOU in victory dance!* ....UGH! X ( Figures you do have work then! *HUGS my poor Khatz that was let down about still having to work!* X ) ........I DID give you an idea of LAST LEVEL????? *Realizes I am going backwards in answering and need to look at the older comments dammiiiit!* X D AHAHAHA! X D HAHAHA! Why yeeeees it will be everyone's adoptable....just was created with my Filipino MINIONS hypnotizing YOUuuu to create IT! *Pretend eeeevil grins!* *PETS my furry Filipino NINJA squirrels!* >; B

YEP I KNoooW RIGHT! X D OH GOoooD that would be FUNNY if you ended up marrying that gay guy! X D The only problem would come home to find him being lovey dovey with another GUY LOL! X D And then you would be like.....oh husband is bagging another man in our bed LOL! *Hands you camera with plenty of memory to take some sexy pictures for my perverted SELF LOL!....GETS BRICKED...well...GETS BRICK WALL dropped anime STYLE on my HEAD LOL! LOL! LOL!!!!*
>; B
HELLS YES BONZAI for fricken BOARDING SCHOOLS....these kids are making my sanity and nerves gets frayed many TIMES LOL! X D THey take any minimal opportunity to argue and I am always feeling like a REFEREE at times....where is my freaking WHISTLE and ugly striped SHIRT DAMMIT!?!? >; B
HA! X D I like the cold ROOM idea...just not the crowded sharing ROOM idea....I would be the SAME wanting to be OUT of the COMMON ROOM if I was there! THe RIDDLES would KILL my brain TOO...I would be cheating and writing it DOWN!
HAHAHA! I went NUTS HAPPY collecting every artist TOO, that I had been keeping an eye ON, as WELL!
(=* ^ *=)// SOooo happy we are no limited on how much we ADOPT! >: D...OH you are welcome darling! : D HA! X D Well I am glad you got a chance to join in on the gacha madness! X D There has GOT to be an ALERT for the is frustrating to TRY to remember to go back and check for updates!!!
*WENT and looked! X D I saw no mess silly! X D I only saw PERFECTLY organized pets! >: D *WENT BACK...and noticed the tabs...just clicked a few...and MY MY you are awesomely organized LOL! Which category are the not made cuties in?*

Aaaand noticed that I missed a second LEVEL of GIOTTO DANG IIIIT! X o AND is that cute kitty another evolution of your cute Khatz self??? MEeee WAaaaNTS like the BURNING SUuuuuN! (+* ^ *=)//
HAHA! X D I think your WEEKEND was just STOLEN by some weird time warping GOBLIN LOL! : D Or a tentacled ONE!
*Grins and points at squiby be possibly the culprit with the OCD organizing time bomb going off LOL!

HAHA! X D Truckloads of screen shots! : D You are better than ME Khatz! X D I don't even think to Print Screen unless it is for something I order online! X D HA! X D I STILL visit DA each day...I just get LAZY as freaking HELL with messages...because there is always a TON of them...and I fear that I have a TON of ANSWERING comments and such...and it just gives me a headache...and then I visit squiby and get LOST in this site...because I am an idiot that just wants to destress from shiz ya know! >; B Though I will be a trooper and do answering of 100 comments a DAY sometimes...and then gets defeated like a deflated balloon..and ruuuns! >X B

AHAHAHAHA! X D If you DID do that...who could truly care? When nothing was paid or given in return...and there are a lot of people that just want stuff for free. HECK! Who doesn't want things for free?? X D But it is the principle...that if a person creates should at least make a GESTURE to give something in THANKS. Only common courtesy...and I tend to BE one of the few that my Mom would be LIVID if I were to just TAKE and not give a thank you in RETURN! X D (She would haunt me from her grave lol!) X D ...SOUNDS GOOD! Character based on the pet Society game, is a great idea!!! : D *Greedy stupid collector being happy Khatz got around that her posting another fabu PET for meee and others to ADOPT LOL!*
>; B MIIIIIINE MIIIINE...uhhhh...I MEAN...EVERYONES! >; D *winks!*......WHAT!!!! : D MOoooRE LEVELS ADDED!!!!! (=* ^ *=)// *PETS my INGENIOUS Flilipino NINJAS for HYPNOTIZING Khatz to create MORE LEVELS BABEHhhh!!! X 3* HAHAHA! >: D WELL....I can not say to NOT make more and more levels Khatz...I IS GUILTY of addicted to Khatz art, GREED!!! (=> o <=)// *Waits for you to throw assorted items from your DESK at ME!*
>; B

YEAHhhh...*sighs again* It seems that romantic guys are sadly the gay ONES LOL! X D WHY GOD WHYYYY! X''( BUT...I think we need to WORK with the guys to help them BE romantic I guess....they don't seem to be PROGRAMMED that WAY LOL! >; B *CROSSES my fingers that my NANNY service to my sister will be SABS kids in 2 years...they are both going to boarding school soon YAAAY!* And then I can actually be relieved to know I can go and have a relationship! X D I kind of just really want the guy I meet to not be perfect...but not be some jerk. Not too much to ask there LOL! X D ....OH DEAR GOD I WISH! : 3 I would LOVE to bump into a guy and have him grabbing me or giving me a hand! (=* o *=)// *Suddenly gets lost in romantic lala land...comes back to reality reluctantly!* X D YEP! X D IT IS the romance novel influence! : 3 It makes us yearn for the guy that would make our stomach flip, in a GOOD WAY! X D BUTTERFLIES....where art tho butterflies in my belly!?!? *Went slightly Shakespearean THERE LOL!* >; D I actually had an appearance of a guy that I had fallen in love my dream last night....and ironically I was shopping in a local store with my Mom...and we filled the shopping cart to the BRIM like usual LOL! *I miss when we would shop together...though sometimes I was a grump pants being there!* >; B

*CLIMBS that mountain WITH YOU to SHOUT the same things!* X D I happen to adore both the books and the movies seperately in my heart! : D I TOO WISH that I could study at Hogwarts sooooo damn BAD! : 3 Though I still am creeped OUT that I was placed in Slytherin in that game online! X D *CREEPED OUT that my room will be in a damn DUNGEON!* I have yet to go back and do more of it! I visited it over the Summer once or twice and amazingly go far! X D *NO NEED TO WARN...I am JOINING YOU in the CRAZINESS that is FANGIRLING FOR HARRY POTTER TOOoooooooo!!!* >; B LOLOLOLOLOL!!!

OHOooooo! X D I will visit that site in a BIT to SEE THE GOODIES! (=* ^ *=)// I can't WAIT TO SEE THEM ALL!! X D LOL! I would not care about any mess silly! >; D *Currently am re-adopting all of LITTLEKITTYMOMOS creations dang IIIIT!...I forgot to clean up HER section...quite embarrassing...but I think I might be near 1500 PETS adopted now LOL!...YEP...OBSESSIVE MUCH INDEED, with my needing to get my collection BACK and in order!* >; D

AHAHAHA! X D Your Mom probably wears an OVEN MITT and has a broom stick to PROD your BUTT, to get you UP already on weekends!!! X""D LOLOLOLOL! DRAGON KHATZ....which transforms to KITTY KHATZ when presented with FOODS to EAT...and then after human AGAIN! >; B

OHNOooooo! >X o I HATE HATE HATE HAaaaaTE STORMS!!! >X ( *Tries to hide KHATZ from IT!* BE SAFE KHATZ! *HUGS and HUGS..hands blanket!* <3333333

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