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"An Error Was Encountered Invalid Adoptable"
I can't adopt! I try others adopts, but still don't work...

Sorry for spaming in profile,
but I don't know do you get my message.
I can't post topic on forum and reply on topics :(
ive been having the same problem i cant adopt anything >.
is anyone else having problems? I can't post on the forums, adopt new pets or deleate old ones...
I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but I can't post on the problems and bugs forum. For the past few days I haven't been able to adopt any new creations. Whenever I click the link to "create this adoptable" it takes me to a page that says "invalid adoptable". Very frustrating error! :(
Awww! : D X D You are quite welcome! ....I wish we could do something for YOU in return! There are many of us loyal cute-obsessed addicts...that visited Squiby every day in vain....hoping to see it working! And YOU gave me BACK one of my favorite sites...bit by bit...but I am looking forward to ANY fixes you do...and HAVE DONE already. : D YOUuuu are in DANGER of getting a back cracking HUG from many of us USERS!!! * 3 * // Sooooo...ya might want to get a good pair of RUNNING make your get AWAY when we fan-girly scream and chase ya around!!!! X D ahahahahahahaha! : 3 ANYWAY! : D If you have a DeviantArt account, I would at least be able to buy you a 3 month Sub right now!!! (I tend to give gifts when I get giddy over things! ahaahahahaaaa! AHEeemm.......ugh...I almost sound like some Mafia chick....yeahhhh....yeahhhh...*pretending mafia cant* yous fixes da site....or else yer pet hamster will gets no playing on his WHEELIE TOY...we's take it awayy!) X''''D ahahahahaha! *winks!*

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