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I clicked 28 of your favorites,
please click mine if you get the chance :)
Click on my name when you're in my profile, then click "Become a Fan". that's how you do it.
Thanks for the comment! Now did you try adopting other pets?

very nice person loves to roleplay loves mlp and lps also loves wolfplay animaljam and chickensmoothie

rainbow dashietoothlessfoxydark fennikinfluffyeeveetotodiletotodilealbino pichuumbreonarceus???mewrainbowcrystalfluttershyvulpixglaceoncelebimewvulpixmeowthhoundourmikushaymindiscordmewwooperblobMespritjirachi kittyrainbow dashidkalbino thinglynxtogepisnivyrainbow cathauntedlove forevercoppermy birthstonecupcakeoctober 1sttsangelmysteryrainbow forevermewtwoluxraybandkaratwhite toothlessespeonallynightlunaangelzirarainbowrdrainbow puppyx-09batoxninetailsmewcoco fluff

Date : 08/23/15 @ 1:46 pm cs or aj?

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