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Lily?! Thank you!! I'm shocked YOU remembered xD

--Excuse that blank comment, comment glitch
I have improved greatly.
Praise the roleplaying gods.
AS far as I know...they were supposed to contain everything that we currently have now. Plus the new set up. They will get transferred over. Sinc I asked for it to be reconfigured to accept even the duplicate accounts. I have to wait and see. But I will keep everyone informed. : )
Hey! so I saw that you changed your avatar even though the snowman never evolved. I found it in your Christmas category and will continue to click it as often as I can bc I am very interested in what the final snowman looks like. Just letting you know ;)

Hey it's me wishalotgirl, anyways Lily you are a wonderful roleplayer and hope to rp with you soon, I love how you put detail in what you Wright and y Read More...

Spooky Pumpkin

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