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Hi! : D
I adore your creations! X 3
And would love to know if you can raise the limits on your Naruto creations pretty please.
(=* w *=)// I missed out on getting your Sakura! X D
Thank youuuu! : D
hi sorry it took so looooooooong for me to answer >.< i just started going on squiby after about a year.

i actally dont remember where i got Luka and ex from, if you still need it i can do a little digging, if i found it i will tell you right away!

btw clicked your priorites! ^^
Clicked your favs again)))My thread is here:

emoticon egg Sakura haruno itachi uchiha deidara

taroxxxxxoxoxixixexelockkeysweetboyskullboyghoulboykaitomikubatkunlielsharoneblainevalentinelilinemunemiteetrixxzero x yuukigrell sutcliffsapphirerubyemeraldsebbyxciel01sebbyxciel02TD-taigabadtouchtrio(1)badtouchtrio(2)zapdosDNA-daisukebunnySJ:blue fallenBRS-mikuBRS-deadmasterSJ:pink angelvincentvalentineika musumeSSL hijikatamermaidhanyuuDW-shiromenmaceltybreakgintokiodinlujeimercedesoswaldakarimakotoamaterasubrs-lenbrs-rinpeachie-chanquat-chanMCL-dimitryLukaLukamisoizayashizuoakazukinmermaidfrostaicykyleaelitaoddjeremyulrichwilliamyumichiicross-chan

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