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The Dark forest is closed

The Dark Forest halloween game is now closed for this year, it will open again in October next year.
You can keep your pets in the forest in the same place for next year,
Or if you don't want that, Tell me and I'll take them/it out.

You can now remove the banner/link to the dark forest from your profile/species thread.

Thank you for contributing to my Halloween game ^^ I hope you had a great halloween.

Best Wishes, Elen.

Hello :) I'm working on opening my halloween game the Dark Forest.
You have one or more halloween pets in the dark forest,
If you want to have them/it taken out, tell me and I'll do that.

If you have new or plan on making new halloween pets that you want the dark forest,
Send me a mail and I'll add them/it :)

Tuolo Fire tuolo Water Tuolo Queen serenity Devil Tuolo Angel Tuolo

Warningpurple flamecarlInvinciblecreepsDaliaTakiNom-Nom-omSamFluffyHunterKaliekBladeBlue PoisonCrystalDarknessIce glowRavenRawrDracoStormCosmoBasaliskAngelRoboRubix AngireMaiaEnvytheifzarenMuffinPurple mistPurple mist 2MidnaMelonPilzYuuki CrossLudareDuskFlightlingChimerachimeraAbyssinian Devil

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