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Hi my sweet friend!!! *MORE HUGS!*
(=> w <=)//....AH yes...I am quite GUILTY of the badge madness there LOL! *SWEAT DROPS!* X'''D I get idiotic with IT for SURE LOL! X 3 AHEM! : D OHhhh! : 3 OKAY SWEETHEART!

(=* o *=)// THANK YOU DARLING SOooo MUCH! : D That will be GREAT! YAAAAY!

(=^ 0 ^=)// *DANCES in happiness to share all of the Chibisan GOODNESS with EVERYONE NOW!*

(=* w *=)// THANK YOU THANK YOU darling!!! *BLOWS KISSES SO FAST your WAY!* <3333333
CHIBISAaaaaaaaaaNNNN!!! (=> 3 <=)// *GLOMPS ONTO YOU like a KOALA and not wanting to let GOooo!*
(=> 0 <=)// *Makes you drag me along with you to do household chores...and then wants to go get a cup of coffee or tea and a slice of cake!* <3333333
HELLO my precious Chibisan friend!
(=^ 3 ^=)// ...WAHhhhh I can not believe it took my like 2 or so DAYS to notice that you uploaded your KON Plushie on HERE! X D LOL! Probably because I got BOMBARDED by badges suddenly...and I did not check all alerts!!!
(= > o <=)// *tries to hide my face in shame!
X D AND from you throwing a pillow or SOCK at my HEAD LOL!* >X D THANK YOU for uploading him HERE sweetie!!! : 3 *Blows kisses your WAY!*
(=^ 3 ^=)// <3333333
Shadowcat20 aka Khatz is BACK ON SQUIBY MUHAHAHA! >; D -->
AHHAaaa! >: D I SEE YOUuuu! X D *blows lightning quick kisses your WAY!

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