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Hi there! There will be a new gacha event sometime this week! If your interested in participating, more info will be be up on my blog. Just comment below once it opens and GOOD LUCK!+ have a great day and ty for the interest in my creations!
AWESOME Chibisan! X 3 *HUGS YOU HUGELY!* I hope so too! (Answering blog post.) >; D
HI! Chibisan darling! (=^ 3 ^=)// *HUGS YOU SO MUCH!*....OHHOooo! : D That is WONDERFUL darling!!!
(=* ^ *=)// Now everyone can ENJOY SUGAR GOODNESS! (=* w *=)// YAAAAAY!!!! : D : D : D Thank you for that sweetheart! *Throws tons of kisses your WAY in THANKS!!* <33333333333333333
Hi my sweet friend!!! *MORE HUGS!*
(=> w <=)//....AH yes...I am quite GUILTY of the badge madness there LOL! *SWEAT DROPS!* X'''D I get idiotic with IT for SURE LOL! X 3 AHEM! : D OHhhh! : 3 OKAY SWEETHEART!

(=* o *=)// THANK YOU DARLING SOooo MUCH! : D That will be GREAT! YAAAAY!

(=^ 0 ^=)// *DANCES in happiness to share all of the Chibisan GOODNESS with EVERYONE NOW!*

(=* w *=)// THANK YOU THANK YOU darling!!! *BLOWS KISSES SO FAST your WAY!* <3333333
CHIBISAaaaaaaaaaNNNN!!! (=> 3 <=)// *GLOMPS ONTO YOU like a KOALA and not wanting to let GOooo!*
(=> 0 <=)// *Makes you drag me along with you to do household chores...and then wants to go get a cup of coffee or tea and a slice of cake!* <3333333

Nyanko Hishigaki Tsuyukami Susugi Shigure-sama Santo x Mikuri Tarusaru Tsubame Sugar Fess Ness Bunny x Panda Bunny x Panda Kiyo / Hotaru Hiiragi Valentine Sugar Sugar Kogitsune Ichinose Tokiya Hijirikawa Masato Shinomiya Natsuki Kurusu Sho Jinguji Ren Aijima Cecil Sakata Gintoki Natsuki Shinomiya Sugar Santa Popo Bunny Plush Ittoki Otoya Uru Oscar Sugar Plushies Julious Randy Kon Plushie Luva Eli Ghost

KandaFess x NessFess x NessSugarBunny-kunPanda-kunNagatoSugarSugarAmaterasuP-chanHijikataSanosukeBunny PlushKurokoMikageAobaKanekiKuramaBeniToriKanekiRenSeiSuzuyaNarutoCielJudalKyoHarukaMakotoJoachimTakasuTakasuTatsumixWakasaTatsumixWakasaKazekageHichigoRyugaMaki

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