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HAHA! X D I know what you mean about catch UP on DA! X D My amounts of messages make my brain FREEZE! OH and you can leave any other riddle ones...just any that are just password would be fine to remove it. X D I think the guessing of password riddles and fill in ones are fun! X''D
AHAHAHAHA! X D TOO TRUE Chibisan...TOO TRUE!!! (=^ w ^=)// Ahhh I am too predictable NOW! X'''D BUT...that is one of my charm POINTS I suppose! *WINKS!* >; D OKAY!!! : D I look forward to that then!!! : D THANK YOU for doing that for meee! : 3 I just figured it was time to change! X D Though The Santa Sugar can stay passworded...since it is a cute riddle/fill in blank! >; B OH CLICK AWAYYYYY sweetheart! X D I am sure you have a LOT of catching up to DO! *HUGS YOU YET AGAIN!* X D <3333333
(=> o <=)// SOooo HAPPY! X 3 THANK YOU CHIBISAN!!! *GLOMPS ONTO YOU like CRAZY in HAPPINESS LOL!* : D <3333333
HA! X D I did not answer your messages YET on DA! X'''D Because I opened my Squiby tab at the same time I was looking over that mail there...and saw you on here, after a few minutes! X D
AHAHAHAHAHA! X D HOW IRONIC that I was JUST asking you to make your gifts to me PUBLIC..and then read THIS NOW LOL! LOL! LOL! OHhhh CHIBISAN you amazing MIND READER YOUuuuu! X D LOL!

NyankoHishigakiTsuyukamiSusugiShigure-samaSanto x MikuriTarusaruTsubameSugarFessNessBunny x PandaBunny x PandaKiyo / HotaruHiiragiValentine SugarSugarKogitsuneIchinose TokiyaHijirikawa MasatoShinomiya NatsukiKurusu ShoJinguji RenAijima CecilSakata GintokiNatsuki ShinomiyaSugar SantaPopoBunny PlushIttoki OtoyaUruOscarSugar Plushies

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