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CHIBISAaaaN! X 3 YAY for making Randy into a SQUIBY...and always for making new squibys you SWEETHEART, YOUuuuu!! : 3 *HUGS YOU SO MUCH!* : D OH I just updated my BLog on Password removal! : D KHATZ aka Shadowcat20 is BACK!!! : D --> ....SOoo grab any you missed and there are more from other users that are now made PUBLIC as well, by Shadowcat20!!! : D
CHIBISAaaaaN!! \\(=^ 3 ^=)// *RUNS and HUGS YOU!!!* You are soo very WELCOME darling!!! X D I just figured I will need to TRY to keep up with my sweet friends, with giving them Gold!!! : 3 And saw yours had run OUT!
*HUGS YOU!!* : D *Throws KISSES your way TOO!* : D <33333333333333333
SURPRISEE!!!! just made you a GOLD member for 4 months. Say thanks to BRAGBRASSED....
WAHhh Chibisan I did not realize your Gold expired! T o T// I just purchased 4 more months now! <333 : D
HAHA! X D I know what you mean about catch UP on DA! X D My amounts of messages make my brain FREEZE! OH and you can leave any other riddle ones...just any that are just password would be fine to remove it. X D I think the guessing of password riddles and fill in ones are fun! X''D

NyankoHishigakiTsuyukamiSusugiShigure-samaSanto x MikuriTarusaruTsubameSugarFessNessBunny x PandaBunny x PandaKiyo / HotaruHiiragiValentine SugarSugarKogitsuneIchinose TokiyaHijirikawa MasatoShinomiya NatsukiKurusu ShoJinguji RenAijima CecilSakata GintokiNatsuki ShinomiyaSugar SantaPopoBunny PlushIttoki OtoyaUruOscarSugar PlushiesJuliousRandy

KandaFess x NessFess x NessSugarBunny-kunPanda-kunNagatoSugarSugarAmaterasuP-chanHijikataSanosukeAlbelNelBunny PlushKurokoMikageAobaSweet PoolKanekiKuramaClearRenBeniToriKanekiRenSei

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