HI! (=^ o ^=)//
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Oh hello!

It's fine if it took a while- I'm sure that's a difficult to handle, and I can totally understand if you're busy since you are an admin afterall! Keep up the good work, my friend! :^D

Hey now, that's a bit unfair dontcha thin 8^) jk jk, I'm glad you like them, and I'm actually working on making a three-stage one right now--! I can say it's a little more time consuming than a two-stage since it's two separate sprites to work on (sorta) but it's working out quite well.

On that note, I will be making one of your ideas (the jigsaw one) sometime soon-!! I kinda broke the promise that it will be my NEXT one, but that's because the next one I plan on releasing will start up two different series I wanted to start at the same time, so it's two birds with one stone :^DDD Then your idea will be going into one of those series once I get this next one out !!!

And yeah, no problem!!! I mean, usually on sites the admins barely stare in the direction of people unless they cry to them about something wrong with the site- and honestly, I find it awesome that you're so interactive with the community on here, and compliment peoples stuff but also do your job! *hands 'admin of the year' award* keep up the good work friendo! 8^)
Thanks! I did say I was going to help you out afterall, and maybe encourage others too incase I miss alot. That's alot of accounts, lol.
None othertheless, that's cool! I've always wanted to upload with a bigger canvas honestly, i feel like this small size can destroy some details when resizing. xD
Hiya! I saw your comment on my profile and I felt super happy tbh. I didn't actually expect anyone to notice it, haha. I have a forum called 'OC Kingdom' and it's basically a roleplay forum for well, original characters! The adopt is supposed to be restricted to members of the forum only, but the forum isn't public yet either. However, I don't mind giving it out if you can PM me!! :D I don't actually know if you can PM? Well either way, I hope I get a message from you! ^o^
Never realized how many adoptions you have. Where do you find the to level them all? xD

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