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i want your slime rancher adoptables! :3 they sound so cute!
Hi! : D
Answering here from my blog post, your questions.
: D
Well as far as things supposed to go, all accounts/profiles/creations/adoptions/categories etc, are supposed to get transferred over as they are. : D And you would be logging in with your normal password that you already use here. I will make a site wide announcement about it when the new site is ready. I will also post what is new on it, as well by then too!
(=* ^ *=)b
Thank you for the questions, hope I answered them well! X D

Main Admin
bb ; )
OOOOh, when are you gonna make a new slime? I miss those cute li'l things!
Yay, thank you! :D
I just made a new adopt, go check it out! :D

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