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THERE ARE WAY TOO MANY LATIUS! HOW MANY LATIUS ARE THERE??!! (they are still cool though :3)
Depends on how you define "back". XD I'm just lurking here more often now.
clicked faves and priorities :)
clicked favs!
very cool adoptions ^^

Yellow Deathwish Green Deathwish Purple Deathwish Red Deathwish Blue Deathwish Mango Deathwish Turquoise Deathwish Dark Deathwish Light Deathwish Normal Latius Dark Latius Poison Latius Ghost Latius ??? Latius Grass Latius Water Latius Electric Latius Fire Latius Shadow Latius Primal Latius Dragon Latius Bug Latius Fighting Latius Ice Latius Flying Latius Ground Latius Rock Latius Steel Latius Chalchi Latius


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