I love them, they look beautiful, I love insects they will be happy and safe with me don't you worry.

I can't wait to see your new ones when they come down the line.
Thank you, I'm super happy you like them! :D

I noticed that many people were messaging me about the password, and I felt bad that I couldn't give it out. So I decided to make some public ones that are free for everyone!

And yes, they're for my forum at http://oc-kingdom.freeforums.net/, though it's not quite open to the public yet. It's pretty much a forum for OCs, hence the name. :D

Yes, there will be other adoptables other than Syvules. They're a species I made up that's basically 'an alien catfox from space'. I'll see if I can make a rabbit-related one, that'd be fun to draw!

Again, thanks a lot for supporting me, it means a whole lot! <3
Oh, you're welcome! Your adoptables are beautiful! :D

And thank you a bunch, it means so much to me <3 ^u^
I will PeachyPlum. It's awesome
Ahh, thank you so much!! I'm glad you love my art :''''^0000 I love your art as well!!

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Date : 02/23/17 @ 2:16 am Why I've been away

Date : 02/01/17 @ 4:09 pm No more Insect Adoptables Until March!

Date : 01/16/17 @ 11:43 pm Bug-type Pokémon Series!

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