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I must say, I am a big fan of your adopts! They are very well made, and are really well drawn and shaded!

I'm really happy you also made a public adopt.. It shows you care about your fans! That's very generous of you! I adopted it as soon as I saw it was public, I just had to have one of these cuties!

I understand your adopts are password-protected because they are for a forum? I would love to join this forum once it's ready!

Also, will there be any other adopts other than Syvules? I would personally love to see a rabbit-like creature (Because, lets face it, wolves are incredibly overrated on the internet! Haha..)... I'm excited to see if you would do anything else! Of course, I still adore Syvules though!

Anyways, thanks!
i will if i remember to! lol thank you
Hi! : D

Just in have MAIL! : D

Collecting Admin ohhoo!
bb ; D
I would love to have a cat alien from space!
how do i go about getting the password for StarLight Syvule?

This user is problematic: uses a fake colors like """"purple""""...

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