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please make more Pokami :)
please don't post here
Ahh, I love your adoptions~! They're so cute >o< I adopted just about all of them and I haven't been disappointed once!
( P.S. I clicked your favorites xD )
I clicked your cute KitsuneSho to 500 babehhhh! X D <333333
COOKIE DARLING YOU ARE THE BESTEST SWEETIE EVERRrrrrrr!!!! (=* ^ *=)// *Starts RE-adopting like MAaaaD MUUUuuuhahahahahahahaaaa!* >: ) GEEZ there are even a few that I MISSED originally! X D I got fed up with certain pets interfering with others and had to readopt usu-chan TWICE! X D DANG they have to fix the stupid order of adopt bug on here....*sighs* ANYWAY! X D THANK YOU sweetheart! : D You have my gratitude and can ask me any gift that I can purchase for YOU! : D <3333333333333333

honey´s bunny Mukki Ioryogi fox~boy green onigiri-girl dark cat~girl Spongebob Squarepants Doki & Nabi Kai Ren Undertaker Ammy kaname kuran Ciel Phantomhive glowing star Neko-boy Kari Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne Fox APH Germany stitched-bunny Sebby & Cat kitty ciel happy valentines day glowing star rin okumura glowing star Snivy Pokami: Pichu Vocaloid: Rin Kagamine

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