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Dude, okay this is totally random but seriously can somebody tell me what happened to this site? Like back in 10' and 11' the place was bustling. Like wth really happened to the place?
All this place needs is a tumbleweed to roll across the page every now and then.
WOW. Squiby is really going down hill.
Whoever designed this new layout made squiby a million times uglyer.
Also, the navigation is awful as hell.
Aww, lol, I love the adoptable you’ve made of your persona! Being all... mini and toony. Sitting around while looking pleased. I utterly want to poke it for some reason thought o_O
*shifty eyes*
*pokes mini-you and runs off*
Maybe Its Your Browser?
Oh, Also... I Was Wondering If You Could Possibly Make En Adoptable Out Of My Dark Form?
Y\'Know, The One With Red Eyes, Blue Slit Pupils, Gray Instead Of White In The White Parts...

RED PyroHazard BLU PyroHazard TheDarkLatias Shiny Latias Latias Latios Shiny Latios Pocket Pyro Pocket Pyro Pocket Pyro Pocket Pyro Pocket Pyro Pocket Pyro TheDarkLatias Latymin Dark Celebi Hunter TheDarkLatias Scolipede Taffy Slug Taffy Slug Frankenturret Cosplay GLaDOS Cosplay Shiny Scolipede

BobShiny LatiasLatiasleftyHuo AkumaBora TenshiHelserpyBluPyroBluPocketPyroRedPyroPocketPyroRedPocketPyroPocketPyroLatyminHunterCrocSniperLatiasLatiosTentaroWastelandYellow ZarinBlack ZarinBlue ZarinGreen ZarinRed ZarinLatioslatiasLatiosRed SavinoGold SavinoBlack SavinoLatiShiny LatiLatiasLatiosScolipedeAudiasTurretMinty010205Eva 01

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