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Congratulations for the Admin-Job. Looking forward to the new site :)
The funny part is that as soon as you mentioned Registered Users. I decided to look there to see if I could pick out the accounts. And it became readily apparent that they create no less that 12 to 20 accounts a day now. Probably because I have been weeding out these accounts anytime I saw them visit. They are reusing emails from accounts they created since 2009 or a bit earlier. There might be bots creating. But there are humans visiting. Since they try to pretend to adopt one or three creations. Problem is, is that they make it too obvious. Basically they always adopt the same exact few adopts. X D
Thank you Kuro always, for your hugely valuable HELP to your Gramma! : D Those idiots keep making multiple accounts a day. Ugh!

*Hugs my precious Pink Tofu Block!
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Hi Kuro!

THANK YOU for your help in Forums again!!!
(=* ^ *=)b Those turds keep on making new accounts. Though they are switching their tactics to using accounts they created through the YEARS. There are so many I have is patently AMAZING how many that exist!

And about the new site...they are slowly going throw uploading. I think we might be able to upload more than two sizes of Squibys though I have to ask them to make sure the old canvas stays that size. X D

*HUGS from Gramma
bb <333

Date : 02/03/17 @ 11:53 am * New Secret Adoptable! (Sneakpeek)

Date : 01/28/17 @ 9:30 pm * Adoptable Notice reguarding "Darutama Revamped"

Date : 11/19/16 @ 3:23 pm Upcoming Pixel Adoptables

Date : 03/24/16 @ 6:12 pm * Kuro's Adoptable Notice

Date : 03/29/15 @ 2:56 pm How to open Mystery Box ~ (No Images!)

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Kurosukei welcomed me into the Squiby family and I'm glad she did.

I hope she and I can become great friends!

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