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Cute Pink Tofu Block...is CUTE PINK TOFU BLOCK!!
(=* ^ *=)// So says yer Fairy-God-Mudda! >; B

Hi Kuro!

THANK YOU for your help in Forums again!!!
(=* ^ *=)b Those turds keep on making new accounts. Though they are switching their tactics to using accounts they created through the YEARS. There are so many I have found...it is patently AMAZING how many that exist!

And about the new site...they are slowly going throw uploading. I think we might be able to upload more than two sizes of Squibys though I have to ask them to make sure the old canvas stays that size. X D

*HUGS from Gramma
bb <333
They are in the process of moving the site! X D

bb : D
*HUGS my Cute Pink Tofu Block!*
: D <3333333
Hi Kuro!

I forgot to say thank youuu for helping me out with forum spam the other day!
( ^ O ^ )//
*HUS from Gramma bb!*
I have those silly silhouettes :>

And i have those designs (not monochromatic,but i hope these can help you) (spoiler warning)
(i'm not good on cyberpunk :v )

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