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Thank youuu! (=^ o ^=)// I hope you enjoy the site! : )
Thank you so much for becoming my fan, it really means a lot! ^U^
Oh my GOSH those are some AWESOME DRAGONS that you created!!!
(=* o *=)b *I can see all art uploaded I get to peek at everything lol!* X D *ADOPTS THEM!* : D

Thank you for creating them!!! : D X )
*THe Ever happily adopting Admin!*
(Thank you for becoming my Fan too btw!)
X )
Hi! : ) Welcome to Squiby! And if you are here for adopting, creating and roleplaying, you will enjoy this site! If you are here for other activities, against rules, you will not keep your account. We are changing policy.

Main Admin


PS: Spam accounts that are created will be automatically banned. All accounts created within last 3 to 4 months will be monitored. Especially accounts with no adopting/creating activity. X D

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