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Your art is so well made! :D
*BLUSHES to all high HECK!*
(=> w <=)// Thank you for noticing that my obsessiveness with handling the site is paying off somehow!
*Teases that it is like kouhai recognize me!* lololol! >; D ohohohohohohoo! >X D I will make sure to do my best!
(=* ^ *=)\\

Okay! X D *Takes that fun joke in stride!* ; D Ohhhh! : D I look forward to seeing that 3 stage one or ones, then!!!
(=* w *=)b I don't even know...since I have never tried MAKING anything! I am only a lame/silly adult that digs her hobbies of collecting cuteness/awesome-ness etc!!! ; D

Ahaha! X D That is okay! I was just tossing silly ideas to inspire..whether you make them whenever...does not bother meeee...I am just happy to give ideas is all. : D X D I like to be a person's muse! ; 3 *Tries to be a goofy fairy god-mother...throws pixie dust....aaand promptly SNEEZES!* >; D As for promises made!!! *grins* TEN LASHINGS WITH A WET SPAGHETTI NOODLE!
(* ^ *)// *winks!* Ehhhh we didn't pinkie swear on it! (Why yes I am an adult.....and pinkie swears still mean something....because I am a goofball and am just wired that way ohhooo!) >; B

*HOLDS MY ADMIN of YEAR AWARD HIGH in triumph!* (=* ^ *=)p Thank you for the compliment! : D I try to do my best to make people aware that I am here for them. Despite what one drama queen once said about me. I do care about this site more that I can say. I like being there for people on good or bad days.: )

Crazy adopting Admin here ohho! ; D
bb : D

HI! : D

Pardon that I took so LONg to get back to answering you!
I was stuck chasing around the SPAM trolls on here! X'''D
*sighs* For DAYS! X'''D

Anyhow! : D Well they ARE very enjoyable! Especially since as an Admin I can look at each stage/level, ohhooo!
(=* ^ *=)b *Gets BRICKED lololol!*
>; D

OHhh!! (=* w *=)b I would love to see any! Even if one of my ideas gets made...always just makes me happy to collect such precious and fun, creations!!!
(=* o *=)b

AH! X ) You are VERY WELCOME!! : D I am so very HAPPY to be considered a source of support and enthusiasm!!
(+ * ^ *=)b

*HUGS from the crazy adopting Admin ohhooooo!8
bb ; D
Wahhhh! : D

Two more adorable creations!!! : D
And what is this? (=* ^ *=)b An precious and cute couple...*reads* Ohhoooo you are too cute there with your boyfriend!!!
(=> w <=) b *Crazy Romantic Loving Admin APPROVED!*

bb : 3
Haha! : D I am happy that you enjoy making them! X 3

Oh that I can see while looking at it, such a great idea!
(=* ^ *=)b

Suggestions huh! (=* ^ *=)// I always can come up with an idea or two! Hmmmm!!!
Maybe these ideas:
1) Fruit inspired
2) Jigsaw Puzzle
3) Cookie Flavors inspired
4) Ice Cream Flavors inspired
5) Robots

I look forward to seeing your other creations!!!
(=> w <=)b

One of the crazy collecting Admins
bb : D

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