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HI! Thx for adopting Patch and Capsule-Rose Princess!
Awww... Your Noctis is so cute!!! I love FFXV. Are you planning to create more of them?
Hi Jureko!!! : D

I just saw your Noctis...wahhhh he is freaking AWESOooooME!!!
(=* ^ *=)//

*ADMIN SEAL OF APPROVAL...because I still am flying high on my COFFEE...and because I instantly FELL IN LOVE with him!*
(=> w <=)// (I totally have to purchase the game yet...ugh...but I have watched the game characters evolve for quite a few years otl! I have waited so long!)

bb : D <3333333
I keep going back and reading the really long comment you left on my profile, and it just makes me smile. ^v^
Thank you so much! It still encourages me a lot. ^3^
Deviant art is a good place as well, it is nice to see people come back. At least once in a while(What do you think of the new site move, for squiby. do you think it will look the same?) and What is one of your favorite things to draw?

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