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Haha! Thanks for understanding Inky!!! (=> w <=)b
That is so funny that you are hearing things about here, all the way over there lol! It has been quite gripping...with the fact that our media here is always in favor of the one candidate and bashes the heck out of the other. We can only find out things on wikileaks! Our media is paying into the one party they glorify and promote because they pay into them. It is decidedly bad....we have no unbiased media...despite how they claim they are is a lie. (UGH!)

ANYWAY! X''D Ah! : D You are always welcome Inky!!! I am always trying to hold back on bugging you for Squibys and art for Squiby...because I don't want you to overwork your hand and wrist like a few months ago! X'''D But I am happily relying on you again ohhooo!
(=> w <=)b

SOoo thank YOU for all of these ultra precious Squibys that everyone can happily adopt!!!
(=^ o ^=)//

Your friend bb! : D
Hi Inkyyyy!!! I have been busy, so pardon my lack or responses...I truly have my mind full of so much this election. And it is just a few weeks away! Anyhow! X D I can totally tell that you loved designing always shines through within your you think up and draw them with such humor, kindness and heart!!
(=* w *=)//Thank you again Inkyyyy!! : D <3333333
INKYYYYY!!! (=* o *=)//
I love them so much! They each came out perfectly!!!! : D LOVE LOVE LOooVE THEM!!! THANK YOUuuuu!!
(=* w *=)b <3333333
Dont worry dear!! *hugs*
You are very welcome!! Its always great to see your wonderful works!! <3
and Thank you very much, I hope you have a wonderful day too!! *hugs*
See you!!
Hello!! :D I just back to squiby and I found the new pics in the front page, bragbrassed told me that you are the artist who drew them, and I just wanted to come to say that you did a wonderful work with them!! <3
See you!!

Inkblotwolf has super kawaii adoptables ^_^

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