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Hey, strolled through the forums. Saw your name. Just had to say hi.

How's it going? From time to time I still stalk your Deviantart-Account. ;) But it seems not-that-up-to-date :)

How come this strange website keeps people returning? again and again and again...

Well, see ya, Deddi
Are you interested in joining a warrior cats rp? If yes then you should join redclan. It's a new clan and we need more cats. Just look for it in the forums if you are interested.
Awyeahhh~ But yeah my life is pretty melancholy, though part of me doesn't mind, but what happened to your year? I think I have two going for me right now, I've been slacking on one though >n< It's okay though, I just really love rping that's all. Sorry I disappeared for so long, at least it wasn't on the last page?
That's good to know! I don't want to jump to conclusions but I think it might be. >u< But thank you, I personally love it and have declared you my rp partner on this website lol Hope you don't mind~ Things are okay on my end I suppose, school sucks but that's how it goes, I have been rping, just on different sites but someone reminded me how much i miss this place. How about you? Yey //awkwardcuddle It was only the 8th though I mean not that bad right? //shot

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