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I love my lemon and lime floufs! They are so cute and they remind me of me and my twin brother.
Hi again! X'''D
Still hoping you come back and raise the limits on your precious creations!
(=* 3 *=)// <3333333
(=^ o ^=)// I know it has been a few years at this point! X D But I am hoping beyond HOPE, that you come back and raise the Limits on your Limited Squibys! X D So I amd others can adopt those other beautiful and precious, creations of yous!
(=* w *=)// <3333333

Cherry Fouf Banana Fouf Grape Fouf Watermelon Fouf Strawberry Fouf Turkey Fouf Strawberry Cheesecake Fouf Pear Fouf Pumpkin Fouf Gloomy Fouf Fouf Cordial Fouf Dark Cordial Fouf Fouf Chestnuts Kiwi Fouf Bunny Meep Goat Meep Rudolph Meep Harry Potter Meep Hermione Meep Ron Weasley Meep Snape Meep Squiby Suit Meep Mysterious Fouf Lemon Fouf Lime Fouf New Years Fouf

Frou FrouNannersMr. PoofJiordieDotGobbleSyrupDoopPunkinGloomyBunnyTur-KayBooTiggerGooeySwirlMerry CarolersBloopMeepersSaint NicGotikiRudolphPeriqueHarryHermioneRonMista PottaBOTHER BOTHER BOTHERSquibsMista BunFouf da LoupLigerKippersLemonn LimeWaypointLakeBridgeFieldTwenty TenPhoeyJanuary BabyJanuary 13thFor Tim

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