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They agreed to go back to planning with the new feedback from everyone in mind! Squiby saved!!!! : D
Thank you Flighty darling! I will try my best to want to stay once they decide to choose the other re-engineering-re imagining of the creations/pets. I am hoping the site has a chance to only move to the new site intact as it is now. I will keep users updated at the bottom of my first post in Forums Announcements. I don't want to ever leave Squiby really...I have a fondness for it that is hard to describe. I had found once I got used to being an Admin a few years ago...I ended up being super attached to this site and those that come and visit me and the site ohho!
(=> w <=)// I will do my best to stay...but I can not promise that if the do change it to that one pet shared between whole site..that I would stay longer than a month and a half afterwards. Mainly because I might be deleting my whole collection that will be in a royal mess since I collect the levels/stages.

Birthday of Squiby? Hmmm... I never found out...I will have to look into it. : )
Hello! How many stages do your mysterious kittens have? Thank you very much!
You are very welcome dear!
(=^ o ^=)// <3

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