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Hi again! X D Pardon I took a bit to reply...I got busy lol! X''D Ahem! Oh! There will be no need to worry about uploading your older/previous creations.
EVERYTHING will be transferred over to the new site. : D Just like when we changed servers in the past.

bb : D
Hihi! : D

Oh! : D How to become a Fan. Well, you go to that person's profile. And then click on their username to see a pull down menu. The Fan choice is at the bottom. : D

Ever the crazy adopting Admin ohho!
bb ; D <3
Wah! : D Thank you for the Christmas/Holiday wishes! X 3
*HUGS!* : D
bb : D <3333333

Date : 01/03/17 @ 11:31 am Woop! 2017!

Date : 12/24/16 @ 12:31 pm THREE stages? What?!

Date : 12/21/16 @ 6:01 pm Scratch that — One last adoptable for a while!

Date : 12/21/16 @ 4:15 pm First blog post ~ Can't make any adoptables for a while :'(

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