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My gosh I had not even noticed I was at the 100th adopt! I will have to try to do something special now... :P
aawww >u <
your welcome!
makes me happy too when it makes you smile <3
Hey! <3 Got another hidden slime for you!
oh, sorry
but storys are not mine ^^""
I am not good in such things
better you ask someone that write FF and that good
they can give you a lot more tips with that
hello, and sorry that I didn´t answer >3<""" sorry sorry for that
but hollidays and less time, you know
but thank you for the nice words *hug*
and for the tips.. mhh... all in all is it nothing more as draw draw draw
yes that sound like every other tip that people tell, but that´s it
you learn with time and also get better with it
but you already draw really nice and sweet
you have a good eye for colour and what fit together
also that you draw without outlines is awesome! I not could do that, it is hard to get the right proportion, but you get it really good OW O <3
the only thing I can tell is, that you maybe try more to use light and shadow, to make the little ones more look real and alive
also, yor last one Anna, the egg is white as base, so you can´t see it well on a white background, maybe a bit more shadow, or a outline would help that you can see it better
always keep an eye that they not merge with the white background, your nobody will see it
and always try your best! whatever you do
no "aahhhrrfcf.... no time... no lust... didn´t want... I am bored" such things will kill your art and they reflect it later when it is finish
if you not want, thenn take a break and work later again on it
ou o taking time is also important that the little one become awesome in the end!
so draw draw draw and try new things, experiment, and most of all have fun! ^w ^
(and happy holidays <3)

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