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WAHHhhhhhhhhhh!!! (=* O *=)// THE COOKIEeee with a Stupid Little Bunny of ADORABLE-NESS APPEARS!!!!!

(=* ^ *=)b**********SHINES SO BRIGHT I need SUNGLASSES!!!* OHHoooo! B ) Thank you Cookie for making such a freaking CUTIEeee!!!
(=* w *=)b
bb *THROWS MY LOoooVE at YOU...and BITES OF LUVS TOooooo!*
03/17/17 @ 11:38 am
Haha! >: D That is TRUE! But such is life lol! I myself have been so busy and behind on things otl! How is my sweet friend Cookie? : D
12/20/16 @ 4:27 pm
COOKIEEEEEEEE!! \\(=^ o ^=)// *Runs at you to give you hugs and bites of looooove!*
>; D How I have missed you!!!!! : D
12/18/16 @ 8:07 pm
Hi! I just dropped by to say... thank you so much for Yukine, I was searching here and was fairly certain that there is no Noragami adoptables on this site, it is always difficult to find certain anime/manga character adoptables here that I so dearly want, I'm so thankful that you prove me wrong! :D Thank you so much, the next time you might see my profile, you might just see Yukine. ;)
07/21/16 @ 3:54 am

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