Hi-lo, I'm AvianArtist! You can call me Avi if you like. I like to draw stuff! ^D^ My old Squiby account is MissNightOwl, and my Scratch account is Cr Read More...

Yes we are still moving to a new web site. It is just that the Designer keeps on changing things. And it has been ongoing since they have some RL stuff they are dealing with. BUT I am hoping that they will be done before Summer! Yet that might be me hoping too much lol!
Hi hi! : D

Warm welcome BACk Avi!!
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Witch Kitty *Halloween* Simple Gray Cat Simple Orange Mustache Cat Opalspirit Candy Corn Kitten *Halloween* Pet Rock Pet String Aqualine Finger Cat Opalspirit Finger Cat Super-Detailed SquirrCat Grey Mint Choco-chip Dog Eerie Street Cat Bubble Bunny

Date : 03/19/17 @ 2:01 pm eyyy I'm back ya'll

Date : 11/04/16 @ 9:56 pm ~I'M ARTIST OF THE MONTH!~

Date : 10/23/16 @ 1:25 am I'm back from a quick break~

Date : 10/03/16 @ 1:34 am Un-fanned myself...

Date : 10/02/16 @ 11:45 am Avi Halloween Pets~

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