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HI! (=^ o ^=)//
***TREASURE HIDDEN in one or a few, of my BLOGS! OR SHOULD I ALSO SAY...there are ALSO a few GEMS *winks* of Soubii goodness FURTHER hidden in my OTHER blogs TOO!***

I don't DO password protected pets when commissioning ANYMORE! : D So, if there IS ONE chances ARE that I am releasing the password in my BLOGS lol! >: D I have found that it is a sort of silly hunt that I want to DO, to get people to LOOK for it! >; D I am mainly doing it this way to encourage people to VISIT, and SEE which pet's passwords are being RELEASED aka UNLEASHED onto the site each WEEK! Though I am not doing it in any order lol! But I will tell which set or pet will be NEXT, towards the bottom of each blog posted. : D

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