terms of use

                                                                                              Squiby Rules and Terms of Use

The Squiby is all about fun, entertainment, appreciate, connect, display and above all be nice to the artist community in general. Abiding by the squiby rules is a must and any violation may result in partial or complete ban. Most of the cases you will get one or two warning(s) before administrator will initiate ban, but there are cases of instant and permanent ban which may revoke all the privileges and the user will lose all the points and credit! All the administrative actions apply to all activities including but not limited to adoptables, forum topics, chat, messaging, comments and blogs. Squiby is an adoptable site with majority of adoptables created and uploaded by the users for others to adopt and create/evolve. Therefore Squiby administrators will not be held responsible for any misappropriate use of adoptables or uploaded material in any circumstances.

Account and member Profile

The members are allowed to create only one account. Any non-offensive username can be created. A genuine email is a must for correspondence, password retrieval, membership purchase, shopping for points and merchandize and above all exhibiting your art and commission of your work. The account will be put on hold after a year of inactivity and will be deleted after two years without any liability to Squiby website owners and administrators. Account created with fake emails will be immediately deleted. A deleted account cannot be retrieved but on hold accounts can be activated at the request of users.    

Be Nice and courteous to others

Squiby has a very nice community, so I don't think I really need to say this, but just in case. No insults, no death threats, no harassing (especially harassing artists, for passwords or a private pet), no false reporting, no excessive caps in posts or titles (which is yelling on the Internet), no excessive formatting in posts, no flaming, no trolling, no "banning" people from your thread, no fighting (debates are fine, but not mud slinging), no name-calling, no dictating, etc. This also applies in roleplaying; just because you're in character does not mean you can break the rules.


No Spam or Chain Messages

Try to not post one-word spammy posts, at least think of a small sentence to add. Take a screenshot of any spam and/or chain mail and report it to an admin.
Chain mail spammers will be instantly banned after reported. DO NOT SPAM!

Adoptables Must Be Drawn BY YOU

That means you are not allowed to Google/Bing/image search for cute pets, save that image and upload. You aren't allowed to use others' art, pictures, sprites, or anything. It HAS to be drawn BY YOU. You are allowed reference something, but tracing will probably get you in trouble. Report any stolen art you find. If it is your own art, try to contact the person and ask them nicely to delete it, explaining that it's against the rules to use others' art. If they refuse or don't reply, report them and it will be deleted.

Squiby is PG-13

There are children who visit the site, so try to keep it family friendly. No NSFW (Not Safe for Work) links, no graphic nudity in adoptables, no porno roleplays, and try to keep your language as clean as possible. PG swears are fine, but posts with a swear every other word will be deleted, that includes censored swears.

Be respectful and mindful Before You Post

If there's already a topic on something closely related to what you want to talk about, post in THAT thread. There is no need to have 500 different Pokemon, "Random :3 XD" chat, Warrior Cat, or "My pet's not leveling!" bug threads; just keep it in one SINGLE thread. If you want to talk more one-on-one with someone about a topic, that's what profile comments and mail is for. Don't open up personal chat threads.

No Double Posts or advertisement on the site

Stay focused on Topic

A bit chit-chat is fine, but, for example, Don’t add stuff that does not relate to the already started post. You can always start a new topic.

Multiple Accounts

Squiby recommend not opening more than one account for personal use. Opening one to upload a large collection of themed adoptables that you don't want clogging up your personal account is alright for example, but there is an adoption limit on accounts for a reason. Just in case the rules change later, stick to one account.

Always Read Important Announcements, Emails and Threads

There are important things in sticky threads, always read them. Especially if it's section specific rules. Squiby will be updating you with the new features or developments or important announcements.

Squiby business model

In case of failure or financial hardship the owners and administrators may shut down the site without notice. However all efforts will be made to provide the users enough warning and time to relocate or remove their material from the site.