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Date : 07/15/14 @ 10:43 am
AHAHAHAHAaa! X D YES the SECRET AGENT MAN! >; D .....I just recalled that when my family were kids...we mistook the word AGENT for ASIAN LOL! X D We would sing: "Secret ASIAN MAaaaaN Secret ASIAN MAaaaaN!!!" LOL! Too much Kung Fu Theater LOL! >; D OfflineGold memberbragbrassed
Date : 07/14/14 @ 9:48 pm
*Cue the Secret Agent Man Music!*..."Daaandadandududundadaaaan! Secreat AaaaaGEENT Maan..Secret Aaagent Man!" *Clumsy Super Duper Secret Agent Ninja Man on the WAY! X B Carrying his Water Pistol filled with grape juice! Has his MP3 player, on speaker so everyone can enjoy the super CHEESY Secret Agent Man theme song! As he does over dramatic POSES of how he THINKS a secret agent guy would pose...after all he spends his time glued in front of the tv watching old movies about spies and intrigue! His clumsiness is the he thinks he truly IS a secret agent guy! And he gets startled when people remind him he is A NINJA! lol! He is sauntering on your page doing the dramatic poses that look so dorky that your pets struggle hard to take this guy seriously..and he treats the lady pets like they might be BEAUTIFUL SPIES that he does not dare to LOoooVE! And tells them he take his Milkshake...shaken...not STIRRED! >; B And get bewildered that there is no fancy car with weapons conveniently, on the stand by for him to race away from the bad guys! Plus he is showing off the gadgets he has on him...from his watch that has magnetic abilities...and a can opener extension...good to have when he runs out of ammo....uhhh...I mean grape juice!

X D And his belt buckle that has a nice compartment to store his house key in!*
OfflineGold memberbragbrassed
Date : 07/14/14 @ 8:47 pm
NOooooo I over leveled Sky Unicorn! T o T// DRAT! The front part that is...I will level it properly after you reset it...dang me and MY CLUMSINESS! lol! OfflineGold memberbragbrassed
Date : 07/14/14 @ 4:19 pm
Ah, thank you for the badge! :) Awesome works! OfflineGold memberSoubii
Date : 07/12/14 @ 11:44 am
HAHA! X D You might have to close your eyes and pick which one you will choose lol! I also fixed the spelling error in the last one! : 3 OfflineGold memberbragbrassed
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