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Date : 08/17/14 @ 5:43 pm
HAHA! X D Leave it to ME to pick something so out of SEASON LOL! X D Add it to that list lol! X D I am betting that list is sooo darn LONG that it would give me a headache if I ever saw it LOL!!! X D YAY for it being added to it! >; B *HUGS YOU!!* OfflineAdminbragbrassed
Date : 08/17/14 @ 4:13 pm
HAHA! X D I loved the movies TOO! : 3 And it just FITS that you would add Toothless to your beloved Dragon army!!! : 3 ...OHHhh that would be awesome darling! : D To see even MORE of your dragons!!!....You know the beautiful Easter Egg Cat you made for me?....How about a beautiful similar patterned Dragon too? (I have printed trio on my WALL!...Ah...I think I told you my crazy idea to have it there right? X'''D )
: D And it would be awesome to have a NIGHT SKY filled with Stars and a full MOON pattern too!
(=* 3 *=)//

AHAHAHAHA! X D I was so hoping you would adore that silly Clumsy Ninja story! LOL! X D *HUGS YOU!** : D
Date : 08/17/14 @ 2:41 am
If anyone could help me level up my pets than thanks. I've got too many thanks to elen here and her awesome work! OfflineNormal UserVivianYvsX
Date : 08/16/14 @ 1:32 pm
I LOVE the new Toothless cuties that you have created!!! : D LOVE THEM so MUCH!!!

X 3 <3333333333333333333....WAHhhh I forgot to mention that the two toothless parts will need to be freezed! X D (I clicked them the other day...but forgot to mention lol!) X D
Date : 08/16/14 @ 1:31 pm
*Clumsy Butterfly Catcher Ninja has come upon your pets...and since he is carrying his net...and just is over enthusiastic like his a BIT short sighted...he starts chasing around your colorful pets THINKING they are some NEW BIG SPECIES of BUTTERFLY that he just MUST CATCH and gaze UPON! So full on PANIC he chases each pretty pet DOWN and catches them in his NET..and he just sits there writing in his silly BOOK. The book is his diary on observations of the Butterflies he catches! X D Needless to say...some of the observations are written down like this:

"Caught an unusual fuzzy species that is delusional...and claims it is a FOX of all THINGS lol! I explained to the poor fellow that he just has to wait till I finish drawing a small sketch of him...he NIPPED my hand and then scampered out of the net....trotting away as he had the audacity to STICK his TONGUE out at ME! *Sighs*"

"Next Observation in same territory: Caught an VERY large sized fellow that quirked an EYEBROW at he stood still to deal with the fact that the NET was TOO SMALL to properly catch HIM. He sighed as I sketched frantically...and then grew BORED very fast...SINGED my poor NET as he lit it on FIRE with his breath then sauntered away...saying something about: 'Blithering idiots that don't realize he is a dragon!'...HUMPF! And who would have THOUGHT such butterflies EXISTED that even think THEY are dragons...preposterous!...I luckily have a BACK UP NET with ME! LOL! Nothing will stop ME catching my precious butterflies!"

"Last observation in the same area...because the butterflies are instead starting to chase ME around! .....I caught an very FEATHERY like butterfly...that was QUITE angry that I snatched him out of the air......he kept telling me that he was going to SCRATCH ME with his CLAWS...and says he is an OWL!...ahahahaha....imagine THAT...THIS crazy butterfly thought that he had CLAWS LOL! X D What sort of flowers are these butterflies EATING from....that makes them think they are NOT butterflies?.....I am thoroughly CHARMED by this amazing BUTTERFLY PATCH that I have stumbled UPON!"
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