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Date : 09/07/14 @ 12:55 pm
You are very welcome sweetie! (=> 3 <=)// Ahhh I again think I might have over leveled a dragon in your bottom 2 rows! X'''D the colors were so with 4 evolutions in all! X D (Did it yesterday all sneaky like lol! >; B OfflineAdminbragbrassed
Date : 09/06/14 @ 9:56 pm
HI DARLING! (=^ 0 ^=)// I forget if I congratulated you on winning the Ice Cream Themed Monthly Challenge!! CONGRATS DARLING! X D *HUG YOUuuuu!* : D
Date : 09/06/14 @ 6:20 am
Oh,thank you so much:D
All of your adoptables are cool!^^
OfflineNormal UserDejiruM0n
Date : 09/05/14 @ 9:25 am
i want to mail you some pictures of my cats but they are 11 days old... so we can not take pictures of them because they are always sleeping... OfflineNormal Userkitten2014
Date : 09/01/14 @ 2:49 pm
You're welcome, thank u too <3 OfflineNormal UserChromee
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