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Date : 08/14/14 @ 9:10 pm
*Blows kisses and ruuuns!* X D OfflineAdminbragbrassed
Date : 08/14/14 @ 9:09 am
Thank you, but I happen to like the last stage the best. XP Art much easier when you have a tablet at your disposal! Also, I've gotten lots of practice trying to start up my own adoptables. But of course, Squiby's not a site you can easily part with! :3 OfflineNormal UserDream_Beauty
Date : 08/13/14 @ 8:27 pm
Thank you so much! Want me to auto-level it for you? I'm so happy that you're still here! Looks like your art hasn't lost the slightest bit of it's touch - although I did notice some chibis I never saw before(probably just me)! OfflineNormal UserDream_Beauty
Date : 08/08/14 @ 12:40 pm
*Clumsy MEGANE aka GLASSES Ninja has come for a VISIT!!! He is clumsy in the fact that he is wearing the WRONG GLASSES PRESCRIPTION...because he is TOO CHEAP to buy NEW glasses..and his eye sight had worsened...and he is just thinking he is patting your pets on the head...but is actually POKING THEM in the EYES/NECK and in the FOREHEAD LOL! By the time he reaches the last few rows...the OWLS have revolted and are swooping DOWN On HIM to scratch him and the jungle dragons have grabbed at him with their sharp TEETH and make him PAY by shredding his ninja outfit so BAD...that he is running AWAY looking like he is wearing RAGS!!! AND SCREAMING FOR HEeeeeLP! As the rest of your pets...especially the FOXES are in HOT PURSUIT of this clumsy IDIOT! X D LOL! OfflineAdminbragbrassed
Date : 08/08/14 @ 12:33 pm
WAH! (=> o <;;)// ELEN I stupidly over leveled your first Red Squiwon darn it! X'''(
So after you reset it...I will properly level it again. X'''D I forgot the red one's levels are not as HIGH as the blue. *sighs*
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