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Date : 08/28/14 @ 3:12 pm
I am already looking forward a lot to your halloween forest, are there going to be new areas?
the forest is always so much fun ^^
when it is open I'll put the advertisement in the MSC thread if that is okay?
I just love Halloween ^^
OfflineGold memberChemical_Lady
Date : 08/24/14 @ 1:52 am
Omg i so love your creations. I have already adopted many of them. OfflineNormal UserSmurffy
Date : 08/22/14 @ 5:26 pm
AHAHAHAHAHAHAaa! X'''D THAT is so TRUE!!! X D LOL!!! I get quite MANIAC about the badge giving OUT!!! X D *GRINS!* ...OH...Don't forget to freeze the rear sections of your double panel Toothless pets in faves! : D *HUGS YOU SO MUCH!* : 3 OfflineGold memberbragbrassed
Date : 08/21/14 @ 11:36 pm
You're welcome, I figured it was about time I done you a Testimonial, seems as you are my number 1 artist on here! The badges, well I just felt like you deserved them for all the hard work you clearly put into your creatures, though the badges aren't much.. :) OfflineNormal UserToyaKazaki
Date : 08/20/14 @ 1:17 pm
i found one of those shiny creatures... I'm looking for more swell xoxo OfflineNormal UserMoonShy
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