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Date : 07/20/14 @ 8:37 pm
*Roller Disco Skating Clumsy Ninja has ROLLED onto your page! THROWS Roller skates on all of your pets...A DISCO BALL on the CEILING and cues a BIG OLD FASHIONED BOOM BOX with a remote control to BLAST DISCO MUSIC!! And THEN he clumsily tries to grab up all of your pets to join him in a ridiculously LONG SNAKE/TRAIN ride around the room! (In other words everyone puts their hands on their hips to join in following the leader around the room like a chain!)When it just sets OFF a CHAIN of EVENTS...of him making EVERYONE BUMP and CRASH into each OTHER..because the page is SO NOT the size you NEED for an IMPROMPTU skating RINK LOL!* AND despite that...he drags everyone ALONG like some WEIRD STRONG DISCO INFUSED NUT CAKE!....Needless to SAY that when you come back from peacefully drawing things and expecting SERENITY on your PAGE! You find complete CHAOS of your pets looking BUMPED. BRUISED and DIZZY from all of the silly DISCO MUSIC and the CRAZED WEIRDO with the AFRO that dragged them AROUND to such LOUD MUSIC! One VERY MIFFED FOX complained:"Good grief that guy thought he was some freaking JOHN TRAVOLTA!"* OfflineGold memberbragbrassed
Date : 07/19/14 @ 8:27 pm
Hi umm... I Really need help with the pxlr thing OfflineNormal UserMymomrocks1
Date : 07/19/14 @ 1:10 pm
AHAHahaaha! X D I am glad you like my silly stories! >; 3 I enjoy coming up with them!
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Date : 07/18/14 @ 10:31 am
*Clumsy Elmer Fudder Ninja (No relation to Elmer Fudd *Tongue in cheek!* of Bugs Bunny cartoon, fame lol! THOUGH he IMPERSONATES the guy OFTEN, since HE is this GUYS IDOL! ...His brand of CLUMSY is that he IS short sighted and can't tell animals with long ears...from BUNNIES...and since he thinks EVERY DAY is hunting SEASON, he carries his trusty PAINT BALL GUN with HIM! And he is sneaking onto your page....and muttering to himself his IDOL'S favorite WORDS while hunting! -->

"Be Vewy (very) quiet...I'm hunting Wabbits (Rabbits!" If your pets were not too alarmed at his mixture of hunting outfit and army camouflage, then they SURE got NERVOUS when this idiot spouted THOSE words...but then relaxed realizing NONE of them WERE rabbits! X D AHahaha!

>; B WELLLLLL THAT illusion of SAFETY was DESTROYED, the moment he got CLOSE enough to see those CUTE PERKY dragons ears and fox EARS! >X D All of a sudden: "BAM!" "BAM!" "BAM!" The air fills with the startled screams and panicked sound of your pets scrambling for COVER as little balls of PINK/YELLOW/GREEN/PURPLE and BLUE, PAINT go flying through the air! AHAHAA! X D And he is so clumsy, in that he has no actual direction in which he is shooting...just ALL OVER the dang PLACE! LOL! X D He just randomly shoots all OVER and gets your pets looking like soggy TIE DYED looking, MESSES LOL!*.....*I suddenly FIND a CLEANING BILL stuck in my mailbox with postage from Norway!

X D*
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Date : 07/18/14 @ 10:04 am
HAHA! X D I am glad you like my silly stories! >; B OH, and you will need to freeze a few more cuties in your bottom rows! X D OfflineGold memberbragbrassed
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