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Date : 09/15/14 @ 9:36 pm

See Hear Speak photo cats-see-hear-speak_zpsa17d0968.gif

Yeah, but don't be afraid. See no evil? Hear no evil? Speak no evil?
OfflineNormal UserKayAnn95
Date : 09/15/14 @ 9:29 pm
*Oh geez...posted comment and forgot to CLICK darn it! X P Now have clicked your bottom 2 rows lol!* OfflineGold memberbragbrassed
Date : 09/15/14 @ 11:21 am
*CLUMSY BUG COLLECTOR NINJA has arrived...along with a few stragglers that were QUICK to vacate your HOUSE before the bug BOMBING STARTED! X D He has a few of the bugs in different containers..after reading your PLEA about what happened to THEM LOL! X D He tells you he saved the cutest ones for YOU! X 3 And your pets ARE CRINGING that he is trying to show them how to FEED and CARE for the BUGS! X D AND begging YOU on their scaly and furry KNEES, to make the bugs GO AWAYYYY! LOL! X 3 And forget you like buggy things LOL!* >; B OfflineGold memberbragbrassed
Date : 09/15/14 @ 9:42 am
Hi! I just wanted to say, I am SUCH a big fan of your art!!! I always enjoy seeing what work you have done, and you are certainly one of the best artist I've ever seen! I adore the shiny Squiby pets you have made, and I am currently in the process of trying to collect them all! ^^ I think I only have 4 to go. ^^ OfflineNormal UserIAmExotic
Date : 09/15/14 @ 9:23 am
That's how he is in the game, hehe. I'm glad you like him! OfflineNormal UserNootsalot
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