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Date : 07/08/14 @ 2:45 am
Thank you so MUCH for the Birthday Gifts!! It means so much to see your greeting on my birthday! OfflineNormal UserComatoes
Date : 07/07/14 @ 3:16 pm
You are very WELCOME sweetheart! (=^ o ^=)// I just say it like it is!
*HUGS YOU!* \\(=* 3 *=)// I just state things, like they ARE! : D

OHOHOHOHoooo! >; B MY SKILLS at telling silly and goofy stories has you INSPIRED NOW HUH?!?
>; B *DOES that pretend EeeeVIL dignity LAUGHING!* >X 3 CLUMSY Scuba NINJA YAAAAAY!!! : D
GO GOoo and eat our yummy dinner! : D *I just had about time differences lol! X D
OfflineGold memberbragbrassed
Date : 07/07/14 @ 2:57 pm
ELEN that little tiny cute Squiby Squid badge is so damn PRECIOUS! : D OfflineGold memberbragbrassed
Date : 07/07/14 @ 2:33 pm
"OVER ENTHUSIASTIC SCUBA DIVER CLUMSY NINJA HERE!" X D Unintentionally SQUASHES your AIR breathing pets FACES, as he puts on their masks for oxygen, securely! X D DRAGS them SCUBA DIVING and gets crazy EXCITED bumping into an ELECTRIC EEL and tries to bring it around to everyone to PET LOL! X D And he keeps unintentionally zapping your poor PETS! X D Since he is USED TO the sting and does not mind lol! His other clumsy part of his personality, is that he does not notice the reactions of fear or disgust in his CAPTIVE audiences lol!* A dragon can be petrified of a strange STARFISH gripping onto it's wings, you know...goofy and silly things like THAT!! (Accidentally is terrorizing the poor pets LOL!) >; B* OfflineGold memberbragbrassed
Date : 07/06/14 @ 12:51 pm
Holy-Cow! I have 2 cats, 4 dogs, 3 hamsters and 1 goldfish. They are my pets, LOL! OfflineNormal UserLynxfreak
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