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Date : 09/07/14 @ 12:59 pm
Now that I came to your was the wolf! X D....OH and I have been steadily getting your SHINY HUNT cuties TOO! >; B I am also going to be adopting more of yours...I peeked a bit before...and could not believe how many I am missing darn it! *Almost dies from embarrassment lol!* X'''D (I am currently cleaning up one category of mine...and want to weep that there is not enough days...or an easier WAY to ORGANIZE pets on HERE!* I wish there was a drag and drop option for Gold members...then maybe that would encourage more people to BUY the Gold Memberships on here! X D OfflineGold memberbragbrassed
Date : 09/07/14 @ 12:55 pm
You are very welcome sweetie! (=> 3 <=)// Ahhh I again think I might have over leveled a dragon in your bottom 2 rows! X'''D the colors were so with 4 evolutions in all! X D (Did it yesterday all sneaky like lol! >; B OfflineGold memberbragbrassed
Date : 09/06/14 @ 9:56 pm
HI DARLING! (=^ 0 ^=)// I forget if I congratulated you on winning the Ice Cream Themed Monthly Challenge!! CONGRATS DARLING! X D *HUG YOUuuuu!* : D
OfflineGold memberbragbrassed
Date : 09/06/14 @ 6:20 am
Oh,thank you so much:D
All of your adoptables are cool!^^
OfflineNormal UserDejiruM0n
Date : 09/05/14 @ 9:25 am
i want to mail you some pictures of my cats but they are 11 days old... so we can not take pictures of them because they are always sleeping... OfflineNormal Userkitten2014
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