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Date : 09/22/14 @ 2:13 am
If you can do like little bits on side time then thanks. Thanks anyways for being awesome! OfflineNormal UserVivianYvsX
Date : 09/22/14 @ 2:12 am
thanks <3 ^-^ OfflineNormal UserVivianYvsX
Date : 09/20/14 @ 8:37 pm
Elen89, ifa, if it's not to much to ask... If you go into deviantart and look up griwi, can you make me that but with purple tail and hair and blue tabby style then thanks, if not then I will learn about art and make my own in many years. Thanks ahead of time! :D OfflineNormal UserVivianYvsX
Date : 09/20/14 @ 1:43 pm
Hello elen89 it has been a long time since i have talked to you :) OfflineNormal Userwolfyjr
Date : 09/18/14 @ 7:48 pm
YAY! X D I just happened to check again and could not believe that it is back up correctly! Before I finally go a site down for maintenance message! X D ...OH I got a message from a user of that same site name on here...asking me to check out the site! X D And I was leery at first...and was pleasantly surprised to find it a legitimate site! X d AND to SEE your art on there! : D OfflineGold memberbragbrassed
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