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Date : 08/01/14 @ 10:35 am
DOTING Parent Clumsy Ninja has ARRIVED! (=* ^ *=)// Along with a baby ninja boy, in a STROLLER! His brand of that he is an CRAZY ADORING PARENT that thinks EVERYONE ELSE will think his kid is the CUTEST and he carries around a photo album with him...of the TONS of pictures he takes of his son!

X D And he will bore everyone to DEATH with forcing them to look over the pictures with him..EACH TIME he sees that person lol!

X D Along with the fact that after feeding his kid a bottle, while walking around and clicking your pets....he gets crazy bouncing him around too MUCH and the kid SPITS UP his baby formula on any poor unsuspecting person nearby! X D It becomes like projectile vomit! X D And your pets are desperately trying to dodge out of the way! X D And to make matter WORSE....he is pushing the stroller along and accidentally running over hooves/claws/tails and PAWS, as he goes row by ROW! X D ....You come back from feeding your find your pets bleary eyed from the eye strain of FORCED BABY PICTURE VIEWING! X D And that many have NEED of a BATH from trying to wipe baby puke off of them! X D Oh and the headaches they have...they need asprin...from when the baby would be doing a high pitched CRY from being hungry after puking so much lol! X D
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Date : 07/28/14 @ 10:57 pm
Hey!Thanks for checking on me and stuff! :D i recently added some of the cut adoptables you gave me :) OfflineNormal UserBrittonx
Date : 07/28/14 @ 3:26 pm
NEVERMIND...I thought I did a mistake lol! X'''D *Blushes!* OnlineGold memberbragbrassed
Date : 07/28/14 @ 3:22 pm
OH and MINI Haunted HOUSE series too! : D I could picture that too well in my MIND! X D Like they are those Houses that people but up for decorations each year! --> --> Except for there will be different Ghosts or spooky creatures...even Halloween different Spooky Dragons coveting a house...wrapping their tail and body around it maybe? OnlineGold memberbragbrassed
Date : 07/28/14 @ 2:34 pm
AHAHAHAHA! >; B WHY YES a SONG had to be DONE for one of my Clumsy Ninja Clan! >; D I think I discovered that I basically...nearly have an inexhaustible supply of idiotic Clumsy Ninja tales in my brain lol! *COoooFFEE talking LOL!* >; B...OH and I LOVE the newest Air Dragons!!! : D ....And I KNOW it is almost August...but are you going to be making more Halloween cuties this year? : 3 *Gets a brick wall DROPPED onto my HEAD! LOL!* >; B I was hoping you would make something like:

Chibi Ghosts! I could give you goofy ghost ideas if you want! X D
Chibi Demons!
Chibi Vampires!
Chibi Goblins!
Chibi Frankensteins!
Chibi Wolfmen!
Spooky HAUNTED Lanterns Series! Where there are different lanterns that have different Ghost appear out of them like wisps of smoke...and into solid possibly...or stay ethereal looking!
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