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Date : 08/20/14 @ 1:17 pm
i found one of those shiny creatures... I'm looking for more swell xoxo OfflineNormal UserilyRose
Date : 08/18/14 @ 9:34 pm
could you make me a custom cat? a grey one with black stripes please. my cat is named olive OfflineNormal Userkitten2014
Date : 08/17/14 @ 9:14 pm
Elen89, I am done looking for the shinys, if you could look at my contest category and give me dem starz then thanks. OfflineNormal UserVivianYvsX
Date : 08/17/14 @ 5:57 pm
Good night sweetheart!!! : D Sweet dreams! *BLOWS KISSES!* OfflineAdminbragbrassed
Date : 08/17/14 @ 5:43 pm
HAHA! X D Leave it to ME to pick something so out of SEASON LOL! X D Add it to that list lol! X D I am betting that list is sooo darn LONG that it would give me a headache if I ever saw it LOL!!! X D YAY for it being added to it! >; B *HUGS YOU!!* OfflineAdminbragbrassed
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