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Date : 10/24/14 @ 7:24 am
Ty :D OfflineNormal UserPlumti
Date : 10/23/14 @ 12:02 am
B-but I just adopted a ton of your adorable adoptables ;o;

Reading what's going on, this whole thing is just so upsetting

Feel free to delete this comment so your message can stay on top, I joined Maxicanvas so I'll be adopting your pets there at least :c
OfflineNormal UserPengaana
Date : 10/22/14 @ 6:53 pm

Yeah... I Know...

Anyways, I Will Create A Account On Maxicanvas
OfflineNormal UserAshley2708
Date : 10/22/14 @ 6:42 pm
I Understand What Happened.... :( OfflineNormal UserAshley2708
Date : 10/22/14 @ 4:33 pm
That's such a relief to hear. I thought chocolatefudge was a friendly site owner, but now I feel crumbled inside. Today has truly been a bad day for me. I'm tired, I have a headache, and now that one of my favorite artists is leaving one of my favorite sites...I feel horrible. OfflineNormal UserTheWolfie101
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