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Date : 09/10/14 @ 3:12 pm
Glad you like my latest Clumsy Ninja story Elen!
(=^ w ^=)// *HUGS YOU!!!* <3333333
OfflineGold memberbragbrassed
Date : 09/10/14 @ 12:36 pm
*CLUMSY NINJA is ADDICTED to playing MAD LIBS.(His clumsiness is that he forgets to share out loud what he reads when it is finished lol!).. ..has arrived to torment your poor pets with getting them to HELP him fill in one of his MANY BOOKS of his MAD LIBS game COLLECTION! (=* ^ *=)//

He is going and asking for the VERBS, Nouns and Adjectives in a very FAST round of SPEED MAD LIBS... *YES he made that UP...but your poor pets are SCRAMBLING to give him their ANSWERS FAST LOL!* And then he sits there reading it to HIMSELF first...forgetting to SHARE the silly story...and laughing like a silly maniac.......until your pets GLARE at him and ask for him to SHARE ALREADY DAMMIT LOL!

>; D And then they UNDERSTAND why he is laugh so HARD! MANY silly stories they helped created INDEED!

X D And thanks them and goes to bring it HOME to add to his cherished collection of FILLED OUT Mad Libs books! : D*
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Date : 09/08/14 @ 8:57 pm
I agree it is great that the monthly contest seems to doing well! : D There was even more people joining in to make pets in the last few rounds lol! X D It makes me sooo happy!!! : 3
Oh I had noticed that TOO, the amount of people do not raise above 200 or 290...on the most crowded days. Maybe I am not on when more are on? Don't know...there has got to be more incentives to come onto this site. MY friend Khatz and I were thinking of a few ideas.
YES, one can only hope many will come back to the site soon! : D : 3 *CROSSES my FINGERS!* HAHA! X D

Oh I did not know that! : 0 I had wondered why so much was done....and then...silence for the most part. : ( I TOO hope they will take more interest and come back with more features and will bring back more people to here!!!
(=* W *=)// <3333333333 *HUGS YOU!*
OfflineGold memberbragbrassed
Date : 09/08/14 @ 4:43 pm
No problem, ever since I joined and saw your art you've been my senpai ever since. and i would love the help with uploading my art OfflineNormal UserTheWolfie101
Date : 09/07/14 @ 11:51 pm
i cant give you pictures of my cats because i dont know your email D: OfflineNormal Userkitten2014
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