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Date : 09/14/14 @ 9:21 pm
kk thanks for the info :D gonna make some haloween cats now. OfflineGold memberscherliss
Date : 09/14/14 @ 6:53 pm
How Do You Add Adoptables Like Upload Them? OfflineNormal UserStonepaw
Date : 09/13/14 @ 9:38 pm
*Whispers...I forgot to mention that you will need to do a few FREEZING of pets!* >; B OnlineGold memberbragbrassed
Date : 09/13/14 @ 11:43 am
*CLUMSY Apologetic EXTERMINATOR Ninja has arrived with his BUG SPRAY TANK to KILL OFF the Squiby BUGS! *Places masks on each of your baby's faces to protect them from the FUMIGATION that he is DOING! X D*...HE is scooting them OUT of your HOUSE and BUG BOMBING the heck out of IT LOL! And as he is spraying...there are little octopus shaped and multicolored and misshaped SQUIBY BUGS running for their very BUG-Y LIVES LOLLOLOLOL! And as you pets are patiently waiting OUTSIDE on your front lawn...feeling silly that they are wearing masks out in PUBLIC...and it is not even Halloween yet...and passerby are STARING at them...making them feel like DORKS!!! X D They then watch in HORROR as these silly SQUIBY BUGS are hopping, slithering, scurrying and flying, to get the freak AWAYYYY from the CLUMSY NINJA EXTERMINATOR BABEHhhh!* >; B OnlineGold memberbragbrassed
Date : 09/13/14 @ 10:58 am
Great!:D then I can't wait to see haloween this year haha ^^ so what if I changed my mind to also contribute in this game, how should I mention for the location of the pets I want to hide?(like behind the tree or etc..) I just don't understand that one and how to post the banner link part. Also what did u mean by 'no tags'?. Thanks for letting me know though! :3 OfflineGold memberscherliss
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