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Date : 08/02/14 @ 9:19 am
Ahh interesting (sorry for the late reply XD I forgot my password) OfflineNormal UserDriftwoodBones
Date : 08/01/14 @ 10:35 am
DOTING Parent Clumsy Ninja has ARRIVED! (=* ^ *=)// Along with a baby ninja boy, in a STROLLER! His brand of that he is an CRAZY ADORING PARENT that thinks EVERYONE ELSE will think his kid is the CUTEST and he carries around a photo album with him...of the TONS of pictures he takes of his son!

X D And he will bore everyone to DEATH with forcing them to look over the pictures with him..EACH TIME he sees that person lol!

X D Along with the fact that after feeding his kid a bottle, while walking around and clicking your pets....he gets crazy bouncing him around too MUCH and the kid SPITS UP his baby formula on any poor unsuspecting person nearby! X D It becomes like projectile vomit! X D And your pets are desperately trying to dodge out of the way! X D And to make matter WORSE....he is pushing the stroller along and accidentally running over hooves/claws/tails and PAWS, as he goes row by ROW! X D ....You come back from feeding your find your pets bleary eyed from the eye strain of FORCED BABY PICTURE VIEWING! X D And that many have NEED of a BATH from trying to wipe baby puke off of them! X D Oh and the headaches they have...they need asprin...from when the baby would be doing a high pitched CRY from being hungry after puking so much lol! X D
OnlineGold memberbragbrassed
Date : 07/28/14 @ 10:57 pm
Hey!Thanks for checking on me and stuff! :D i recently added some of the cut adoptables you gave me :) OfflineNormal UserBrittonx
Date : 07/28/14 @ 3:26 pm
NEVERMIND...I thought I did a mistake lol! X'''D *Blushes!* OnlineGold memberbragbrassed
Date : 07/28/14 @ 3:22 pm
OH and MINI Haunted HOUSE series too! : D I could picture that too well in my MIND! X D Like they are those Houses that people but up for decorations each year! --> --> Except for there will be different Ghosts or spooky creatures...even Halloween different Spooky Dragons coveting a house...wrapping their tail and body around it maybe? OnlineGold memberbragbrassed
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