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Date : 09/05/14 @ 9:25 am
i want to mail you some pictures of my cats but they are 11 days old... so we can not take pictures of them because they are always sleeping... OfflineNormal Userkitten2014
Date : 09/01/14 @ 2:49 pm
You're welcome, thank u too <3 OfflineNormal UserChromee
Date : 08/30/14 @ 11:08 am
I love your creations :D they're so amazing! You probably the only one who actually draws detailed and realistic animals! OfflineNormal UserCamo575
Date : 08/30/14 @ 11:02 am
could you make me a custom cat? it is a darkish greyish black color with white stripes on the tail its name is indiana OfflineNormal Userkitten2014
Date : 08/29/14 @ 7:14 pm
you're very welcome! :) OfflineNormal Userwaterfalltheshinylugia
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