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Date : 01/23/11 @ 2:48 am
so i have seen the hatchling of the female quetzalcoalt and very well done :) but i have a question, is there another stage after this one? i know you have been gone for a while and im not sure if your going to get to read this, so yeah... OfflineNormal UserDamein_1234
Date : 01/04/11 @ 6:08 pm
Clicks! 20! OfflineNormal UserTundralove
Date : 09/04/10 @ 1:17 pm
I would like to see the spoiler of Quetzalcoatl OfflineNormal UserJess401
Date : 08/31/10 @ 10:44 pm
These are great; are there any spoilers? I clicked all, please click mine. OfflineNormal UserJess401
Date : 07/22/10 @ 8:42 pm
Thank you very very much Thadd! She looks sooo cute. ^^ *runs elsewhere* OfflineNormal UserSwifttailAteYourCookies
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