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Date : 07/15/12 @ 6:38 pm
is there a way that my profile could be reset?
i dont mind loosing the current code i got up
OfflineNormal UserChewbaccaBigSis
Date : 07/15/12 @ 6:03 pm
i was editing my profile and just putting up a basic css layout so i can edit later. now i try clicking the edit profile button and i wont let me click on it and my adopts arent showing up what so ever

help :c
OfflineNormal UserChewbaccaBigSis
Date : 07/14/12 @ 5:52 pm
All clicked! OfflineNormal UserCyanNavi
Date : 07/11/12 @ 5:46 am
Same here! I have two acvounts because I thought there was just something wrong with my old account. So I made a new one and tried to adopt a pet, but it still said 'Invalid Adoptable'. Is there any way to get this fixed? OfflineNormal UserAkuinnen_Hyuga
Date : 07/10/12 @ 8:07 pm
Me too!

Clicked it Dailery.
OfflineNormal UserEpicshaye
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