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Date : 12/24/13 @ 12:39 am
In uploading badges, do you need to draw it by your self or is it alright to just take it from some website?? Thx btw :D OfflineNormal UserJubixx
Date : 11/30/13 @ 1:33 am
i need a little some help: when click the "adopted by" button it drives me to a page which says "the URl you submitted has disallowed characters" OfflineNormal UserShonentsuki
Date : 10/25/13 @ 11:32 pm

I have pinged you to Bug List.

Ping is one of the bugs, so I'm leaving a comment here just incase..

I hope you don't mind.
OnlineGold memberelen89
Date : 10/21/13 @ 8:35 am
Hello! I am thinking of doing an "Ask the character" in the Squiby forums. This is when other people ask the person who is hosting this/the character a question and they reply, usually in a painting, drawing, or some kind of visual art. If I do one, which section of the forums would I put it in? I was thinking ether "Role-Playing" or "Forum Games", but "General Discussions" would work too. Can you tell me what you think it should be in?
Thank you!
OfflineNormal UserAsk_Ivypool
Date : 10/18/13 @ 10:43 am
I'm still a little new to Squiby and was wondering if you could you any sort of coding on the forum.

Just wondering! Thanks
OfflineNormal UserThatOtakuChick
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