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Date : 01/24/14 @ 8:30 pm
AH at least it was some idea lol! X D *HUGS YOU!* Thank you darling...I was wondering...and you might be right! : D <33333333333333333 OfflineGold memberbragbrassed
Date : 01/24/14 @ 9:12 am
Hi darling! ^ o ^ // Do you know if Chocolatefudge is on vacation? : ) I have not seen them around since December. : ) OfflineGold memberbragbrassed
Date : 01/20/14 @ 1:36 pm
Came by and gave love to your click these :D OfflineNormal UserDustyPinkDragon
Date : 12/24/13 @ 12:39 am
In uploading badges, do you need to draw it by your self or is it alright to just take it from some website?? Thx btw :D OfflineNormal UserJubixx
Date : 11/30/13 @ 1:33 am
i need a little some help: when click the "adopted by" button it drives me to a page which says "the URl you submitted has disallowed characters" OfflineNormal UserShonentsuki
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