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Date : 02/15/14 @ 8:14 am
Are you doing requests? If you are, look at the following writing(this is what I would want):

A tiger mixed with a parrot,
The tiger would be the same color as the parrot part,
Stripes all the way,
Rainbow parrot please?
OfflineNormal UserImcool12328
Date : 02/07/14 @ 9:54 pm
I see...
Thanks btw!
OfflineNormal UserJubixx
Date : 02/02/14 @ 7:28 am
Thank you! Sorry also for the late reply. >.<
It's been for ages since I logged back in here!

I also have another question. How do you make accessories for your creation?
I still don't understand the method...
OfflineNormal UserJubixx
Date : 01/25/14 @ 5:51 pm
Yeah, I have noticed it and said I don't really apreciate it in the Ridies forum topic..
I registred then to see it and.. it's the Administrator who has uploaded it, they have also taken two of my other bow badges.

i was first somewhat okay with the bows, thought I would have like to be asked first..
but when I saw the animated dragon had been uploaded too, that I wasn't too okay with.
OfflineGold memberelen89
Date : 01/24/14 @ 8:30 pm
AH at least it was some idea lol! X D *HUGS YOU!* Thank you darling...I was wondering...and you might be right! : D <33333333333333333 OfflineGold memberbragbrassed
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