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Date : 09/03/14 @ 10:06 pm
Can I please have the password for Kitty Luffy, Tiger Zoro, and Fox Sanji im a big One Piece fan love the anime. and would like to have them please. OfflineNormal UserAnimemusic
Date : 06/23/14 @ 9:25 pm
I think there's a problem with the uploading. I read about the level bug but, I keep trying to upload my adoptables- a fire dragon egg and a baby fire dragon, it won't upload. It keeps saying, 'The Stage 1 Image field is required.' What can I do? OfflineNormal UserMechaDoragon
Date : 04/26/14 @ 10:30 pm
Ya... hey how do u fan people??? OfflineNormal Userpugspie101
Date : 04/26/14 @ 9:39 pm
Wow love your profile! OfflineNormal Userpugspie101
Date : 03/25/14 @ 2:51 pm
I did read them, I just forgot. I'm sorry. OfflineNormal Userdarkangel8xt
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