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Date : 04/26/14 @ 9:39 pm
Wow love your profile! OfflineNormal Userpugspie101
Date : 03/25/14 @ 2:51 pm
I did read them, I just forgot. I'm sorry. OfflineNormal Userdarkangel8xt
Date : 03/25/14 @ 2:42 pm
I didn't really know where to put this, but could you or a staff member please delete this thread? OfflineNormal Userdarkangel8xt
Date : 03/12/14 @ 6:13 pm
Hello! I clicked all of your Squibys in the "CLICK THESE!", "Spring" and "Summer" categories. I also clicked half of the Squibys in the "Autumn" category (I was gonna click all of them but my determination left me XD ). I also adopted one of your Ice Creams (nom nom nom). You do so many good things in the forums I thought I'd do a bunch of clicking. Well, I guess that was it. Keep doing what you do!

P.S. You have so many adorable Squibys!
OfflineNormal UserEpohAV
Date : 02/15/14 @ 8:14 am
Are you doing requests? If you are, look at the following writing(this is what I would want):

A tiger mixed with a parrot,
The tiger would be the same color as the parrot part,
Stripes all the way,
Rainbow parrot please?
OfflineNormal UserImcool12328
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