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Date : 07/16/12 @ 7:54 am
clicked some and adopted some :D OfflineNormal UserDarkWolfScorn
Date : 07/16/12 @ 3:35 am
Clicked all your faves. Please click back. :) OfflineNormal UserWolfchix
Date : 07/03/12 @ 1:07 pm
oh wow well thanks for letting me know O>o
yeah if that was the case i wouldnt even bother with this site
OfflineNormal UserChewbaccaBigSis
Date : 06/28/12 @ 7:06 pm
no sorry I just like eevee and its evolutions and I love the albino umbreon you made umbreon is my favorite pokemon :3 OfflineNormal UserShadowWolfieWolf
Date : 06/28/12 @ 5:21 pm
also it seems that when i try to adopt new adoptables this message comes up

"An Error Was Encountered
Invalid Adoptable"

did i break the game? :C
OfflineNormal UserChewbaccaBigSis
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