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Date : 10/03/12 @ 9:30 am
I Tried To Enter The Password,But That Don't Work.Clicked Some Of Your Adoptables. OfflineNormal User-1Erinhoney
Date : 10/01/12 @ 2:37 pm
Hello :) I'm working on opening my halloween game the Dark Forest.
You have three halloween pets in the dark forest,
but they are private so I'm taking them out before I open the dark forest,
If you want them in the dark forest, make them unlisted, tell me and I will add them again.

The pets you have in the forest are named:
- Sam
- Rabid Ratatta
- Reaper Scrafty

If you have new or plan on making new halloween pets that you want the dark forest,
Send me a mail and I'll add them/it :)
OfflineNormal Userelen89
Date : 09/23/12 @ 6:29 pm
Clicked your priorities, plz click back! ;) OfflineNormal UserMicchichan
Date : 09/17/12 @ 4:48 pm
can you please help me the hint on wiki, it says theres no text. OfflineNormal UserSparrowdacat
Date : 08/25/12 @ 10:07 am
Click your favs!^^ OfflineNormal UserXaneas
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