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Date : 09/12/12 @ 9:07 pm
hello! clicked your favs ^.^ / Have beautiful day =) OfflineNormal UserHibari just you
Hibari just you
Date : 09/08/12 @ 2:41 pm
Well, thanks to warn
I will try to design new eggs
OfflineNormal Userdoundou
Date : 09/07/12 @ 8:28 am
Simply lovely adoptions. :3 OfflineNormal UserTuxedoSam
Date : 08/28/12 @ 7:51 pm
Here I am, reading the FAQ thread, and I see your amazing Axel pet!! I had a heart attack!! xD I made sure to click it, along with the other Organization members! :3 OfflineNormal UserSkyPirate37
Date : 08/19/12 @ 8:28 pm
Hey sorry about the comment below if its is on my screen
OfflineNormal Userbats12345678910
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