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Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all having a great start to your weekends!

I was asked to make an announcement about the new site...and here is the information I am quoting, and was asked to relay to you all:

"Please make an announcement that we are moving on to new site in few days so users will be taken to new site where they will have to update their profiles and register the accounts."

I have no time frame to let you know exactly when this is happening.

It seems we are in the final stretch though. There are a few things being worked out currently. And then it will be LIVE for everyone to use. I am assuming you will be properly redirected there. For myself...I can not wait to FINALLY have a BREAK from the TONS of spam accounts. And the 11 to 22 spam POSTS that greet me every morning...and continue almost hourly. I am quite BUSY with real life stuff...and am basically only on HERE to take care of the TONS of SPAM accounts and posts. The Registry is almost 3/4ths FAKE SPAM ACCOUNTS. The new site will be able to filter and KEEP OUT these garbage phishing accounts. Plus I will be able to go at my leisure to DELETE them ALL. Though the names they have chosen will remain in the database.

I have not been getting to posts I need to answer or anything else...real life too busy...and I am trying to keep up. I will hopefully have some down time soon to answer everything that isn't immediate. X D

Oh and we will be gaining two members as NEW ADMINS when we switch over to the new site! I will announce who they are soon!

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This is hype. That's all. OfflineGold memberAORIMARU

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Here is screen shots to copy the address and paste in browser to see. : ) -->

And yes that is my DA account! X D I love the play on words! >: D And am an auntie btw! ; D

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bb : )

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Ahhh just can't wait for the site to open!!!!
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Post #5 made on 05/15/17 @ 7:09 am
So, this can just happen anywhere between now and the end of the month?

This won't affect the link(s) I have on the Utopia click exchange, will it!? D;
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Post #6 made on 05/15/17 @ 9:22 am

They did not give me a definite time, but it should not affect the links. : ) I usually like having exact information to pass on...but I don't at this time. : )

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Post #7 made on 05/15/17 @ 2:46 pm
I cant wait.
Would there be a chance to get back the old squiby logo? You know, the one with the pink cartoony squid. The one we have right now and the one we had before this is all well and good but I think the old squid suited Squiby much better. Not to mention it brings back nostalgia and all.
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Cheers! (^ o ^)/ OfflineGold memberKurosukei

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The hype, it is real. Gonna be checking the site more often now, aha. OfflineNormal UserPumpkinBeast

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We shall see about if the other Squid will make a return appearance. : ) There are plans to rotate or rather switch out the logo a few times. But for now the current art will remain till the choice is made/determined to happen. : )


You got that right! X D CHEERS! : D


We still don't have a definite time the site will open...since I keep finding more and more things I need to have fixed/changed. X''D But hopefully by end of moth or beginning of next...nothing definite...since the fixes I am finding are not small. X'')

@PumpkinBeast is real! X D That would be great to have you keep a look out then! : D

bb : )


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