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Hi, I recently joined this site and please forgive my ignorance, but when I try to use the tool, It seems there is no possible way to select colors. I can't find a color tool and the color select at the bottom left has 1 black square and 6 white squares, with no other colors. Is there any way to color a drawing using that tool? Thanks!

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It may be something wrong on pixlr's end. There is definitely a glitch there right now. I will have to check on it and found out how we can fix it on our end. I will update this might take a few days...hopefully less to find out.

Thank you for letting me know!
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Thanks for the response, and you're welcome! It's not much of a problem to me anymore I guess 'cause I do have which is (to me) surprisingly similar to the draw tool hosted here :o OfflineNormal UserTinGears

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