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I was here before the situation with the owner of the site started stealing and I really miss the community here, and the art, but well, Squiby's untrustworthy now, and honestly, the owners aren't just untrustworthy, and thieves, but immoral.

You can just tell what kind of people they are by the fact that they've forever banned @elen89 -yes, banned. She did leave, but after was officially banned, and not because of the 'banned bug', later on.

You can find out more about what happened here:

P.s. Expect my account to be banned soon, and I dare say this will be taken down.

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This is an old issue...everyone knows that user has been banned. And that I am upholding that ban. It was drama from 2014. The new owners left it up to me if that person is to stay banned. I choose to leave that ban in place. I don't have to explain it other than it is drama that the site does not event relate to anymore. It is 2017 already for crying out loud. I will leave this up. But it is going to be a locked topic...since it was a finished drama dealing since 2014. It is a done deal. Why you are instigating with this type of posting is beyond me....banning you for posting something that has NOTHING to do with the site..especially when Squiby is moving to a new Site Home soon. Tells me you were hoping I would ban you...instead I feel bad that you can not let something that doesn't matter...go. Life is too short to want to stir up 4 year old life and have FUN!

And for the record I am basically running the site, and the owners have it that way so I am the one protecting all of the users art on here. So most of what you are accusing is unfounded accusations that are up to me to look after and handle. There has been no art theft by Squiby since 2014. All art is voluntary by the artists that drew it themselves, to upload on other sites. I am proud to say that!
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