Really bad! ( Banned for nothing?? )

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Okay, so this is the " second day " that I'm using this site and I've already come across a huge problem that makes me want to quit, even though I really adore how this site looks so far!
Yesterday evening, right Before going to bed, I registered my user called Poinii.
I didn't have time to do anything more than opening an adoptable for sale in a new tap and creating a few ( around 2-3 ) categories (so that I could keep things I adopted in a non-messy way and easily find them)Before I had to go to bed.
So I put my computer (windows 7, if you need to know that) in " sleep " mode or whatever it's called ( Everything I have up is saved, so when I start my computer again Everything I had open then will be open ).

BUT- Here comes the problem;
I was really excited to get to know this site better, so I Went to the adopting tab ( so that I could finally adopt that cute fennec fox! ) when I noticed an error message instead of the tab displayed yesterday.
It said " An Error Was Encountered.
you've been banned ".
This made me really confused, as I literally joined yesterday and haven't really done anything yet.

The same message showed up instead of the actual site every time I clicked on something that's a part of it ( like, for example, " forums " or " adoptables ", basically every Place on Squiby ).

I had tried to open these in new tabs instead of the current one I was using, so for some reason I could still have the home page open without getting that message.
But I couldn't do anything, even trying to log out would give me the same error message?!

Then I got an idea-
I was having this problem with Chrome, so I decided to try with Firefox where I wasn't logged in.

On Firefox when I wasn't logged in, Everything worked!
Then I got so carried away with happiness that it might actually work that I tried loggin in.
I could log in successfully, but then I got into the same situation.
" An Error Was Encountered.
you've been banned "

Now I'm using Internet Explorer and I've made a new account so that I can report this bug.
The thing is, Internet Explorer is really slow for me and I'd much much MUCH rather be able to use both Chrome and my original Account.

Since Internet Explorer is too slow and I have quite a few problems using it sometimes, I won't be able to play this game that I have fallen in love with. :(

Perhaps you could unban me?
Username is " Poinii " and nothing else.

( I really don't know what caused this, as yesterday it worked fine but when I woke up today I was banned?? )

I deeply apologize if creating two accounts ( as I've done right now to tell you all about this bug ) is against the rules.
But please, I'd be so happy if you could fix this :( <3

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Post #2 made on 03/31/17 @ 9:46 am

Your account was clicked on by accident when I was in the course of banning the multitudes of spam accounts created. (Usually 50 to a 100 are created in a day.) I will go and fix that right now. So please pardon that! I am glad you made a second account to let me know! : D I will go an fix that account now!
: )

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Post #3 made on 03/31/17 @ 5:04 pm
Thank you! :D
( And wow, you're really quick fixing problems! ^w^ )
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Post #4 made on 04/01/17 @ 7:53 am
You are very welcome! @Poinii

I try my best! (=> w <=)b I like to handle problems, especially if I am able to solve it without having to ask a programmer, and it was my own fault an easy fix! X'''D

bb : D

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