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Hi, hello, citizens of Squiby!
I'm dragonslash, which is based off of a favorite pokefusion of mine that's dragonair and sandslash mixed together.
I'm not here to introduce myself, though, (but i'll do that later.) and I'm here because I want to ask: What. What do I do.
So I'm actually multi-accounting right now, I have two accounts as of now. I read that it's not recommended, and I get that. But it's for good reason: My first and once only account, Endangeredwolf, got lost in time and space. I completely forgot the password and never saved it (oh silly me you shouldnt be saving anything in the first place). So, of course, I lost it. I went to the "Lost Pass" section and put in my email and username..
but it said that that username didn't exist?
I do indeed exist, mind you. I put EndangeredWolf into the user search, and it came up. It was mine, I could tell because of my active squiby on there.
So I couldn't post about this, so I had to do something before EndangeredWolf was an endangered wolf.
So.. I made another account..
Im so ashamed! T_T
Where I come from, it's "illegal" to multi-account. I come from another website. Not a state. Well, I mean I do come from a state, but it's not illegal to multi-account. What I'm saying is that it's against the rules on the website that I came from to multi-account, so I'm really ashamed of myself.. /)???
Is there any way to fix this mess I made? Or is my account lost forever? ?(‘?`?)?

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I think once the site transfers over to the newer site...you will be able to have either you old account combined with this one. Or you might be able to better reset the password. : D

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PS: That is weird it said your username didn't exist.

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