No Points for Clicking?

Post #1 made on 03/08/17 @ 10:47 pm
I checked to see if this was mentioned as a bug, but I couldn't tell and couldn't find it. My apologies if this is already known about and posted elsewhere. Please feel free to link me to that post if it exists.
I've been going through forums and profiles, I've clicked a minimum of 15+ separate, individual pets that I have not previously clicked today, and I have gotten no points. I have remained at 489 points this whole time. I made sure to test on creatures that I've never seen before, because I know that clicking a creature multiple times won't grant points multiple times. :)
So yeah. I believe you're supposed to make 1 point per click, right? If not, uh... just ignore this? I'd feel pretty dumb getting all concerned over nothing. *flop* I haven't been here in over 6 years or so, forgive me.
I did make points when clicking earlier today, mind you. Just... Not now? Idk. Is there a limit I don't know about?

Edit: they started working again. Not sure if it's a daily limit or a bug or my internet or what. O_o

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Post #2 made on 03/09/17 @ 9:46 am

Welcome back! : D And sometimes there seems to be a lag between the points showing up...though when they are used with freezing pets and changing gender...they seem to disappear fast lol. X D That will be fixed when we move to the new site being built off to the side. : ) (I will make announcement when it is ready.)

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Post #3 made on 03/09/17 @ 11:54 am
@bragbrassed, Awesome, thanks! That explains a lot. And why I don't get points then get a bunch of extra points at other times, as I'm seeing today. xD
And yay, good luck with working on the new site. It's a good time to come back to Squiby! ^_^
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