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When will the site move? My account existed since like 2015, and at the time I heard that the site has a new owner, or did I remember wrong?

(Sorry for short question ;-;)

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The new site that has been being built has been slow going. But we will be moving soon...though it might not be for another month or two. X''D There is just so many things that are being worked on and tested. And the site had gained a secondary owner to fund the newer site. So there are two people owning this site again...but the one since 2015 and the other joined as co-owner, in 2016. : )

And no need to apologize lol! X D I am happy to answer what I can! I will make an announcement when the site is ready to move. Any down time error you see is when they transfer more of this site to it, just so you know. And if you see it down or giving odd 404 Errors...chances are I will be on the SquibyClub page on Deviant Art (DA) announcing if the error is because of it. : ) -->

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