Anyone excited for the new site/any big news on it?

Post #1 made on 01/21/17 @ 7:37 pm
I'm not sure this is the best place to post this, haha,, :V but is anyone else psyched for the new site? Just being back here makes me want to make some adoptables for the first time, so I'm pretty excited to hopefully get some practice with it under my belt soon;; B)

Also, any big news on it? I only just came back a while ago so I didn't know a lot about it until now/also know the spam accounts on here have become a problem——but it seems to be being taken care of so far; I can only assume the new site really has care going into it and is going to be great. :D

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Post #2 made on 01/21/17 @ 7:45 pm
Well, it's still a surprise! The new site will be launched in a few days, it's in its final beta days before the website can be released. I really don't want to spoil it and for as excited as I am, don't want to spoil anything! ;D
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Post #3 made on 01/24/17 @ 6:19 pm
wait, there's a new site? *Did not hear of this* OfflineNormal Userprincesstigerlilli

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Post #4 made on 01/24/17 @ 8:40 pm
@princesstigerlilli Yes, there is a new site still in the process of being worked on and will be released within a couple of days. You can read the update here.
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Post #5 made on 03/16/17 @ 10:41 pm
@kurosukei any word about the new site? OfflineNormal UserCorgi_osis

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