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Post #1 made on 11/07/11 @ 4:23 pm
if you want an adoptable for squiby made post here and i'll attempt to make it!

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Post #2 made on 11/07/11 @ 6:32 pm
What kinds of things can you draw? It would be nice to have a raccoon Squiby.... OfflineNormal UserIttam

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Post #3 made on 11/07/11 @ 8:19 pm
@Ittam thanks! I'll start working on it now! OfflineNormal Usergamegirl0

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Post #4 made on 12/11/11 @ 6:52 am
What about four homestuck squibies:
John, Dave, Rose and Jade :)
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Post #5 made on 12/24/11 @ 8:34 am
How about a Sekaiichi hatsukoi squiby OfflineNormal UserLooking

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Post #6 made on 12/30/11 @ 3:06 am
can make warrior cats???
if u can ...
1st stage:can it be a doble creaction with leafpool and crowfeather/leaning side by side on each other
2ed stage: lying down
3ed stage: leafpool and crowfeather with three kittens

leafpool is a light brown female cat with whote paws
crowfeather is a male cat he is black
the three kits 1 grey, 1 black, 1 Ginger
if u can do this thnk you soooooooooooooooooooooo much
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Post #7 made on 01/24/12 @ 2:56 am
GIRLS!!!! make female adoptables. OfflineNormal Usermasterokena

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Post #8 made on 01/27/12 @ 7:44 pm
I am looking for some one to draw Wildfire (discribtion bellow)


1 Is a fox, has normal fox markings. (red/orange color, white belly, black legs, white tipped tail, black tipped ears)
2 Has a missing triange in left ear
3 left eye, yellow, right eye, green
4 Very sleek looking

Could ya do this?
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Post #9 made on 02/26/12 @ 10:51 pm
infamous adoptables (video game) OfflineNormal UserBad2thebonedog

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Post #10 made on 06/21/12 @ 5:02 pm
Could you make my Fursona Spirit?
1. Cat (She is a shapeshifter, so if you'd perfer her to be a wolf or something, you can make her that)
2. Blue-green eyes
3. White with a gray stripe from nose to tail.
4. gray chest fur
5. gray stripes (and gray rings on tail)
6. If you need a reference: http://spiritswing.deviantart.com/gallery/36549446#/d4vsh3n
7. Password would be nice, but it doesn't need one.
Can you make her? Thanks ^^
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Post #11 made on 06/23/12 @ 8:46 am
Well, it would be nice to have another Pokemon, so I'd like a Tepig.
Stage one: It could be in a white egg with green triangles on it.
Stage two: It could be Tepig lying on it's back.
Stage three: Tepig standing up with a smile on her face.
Check here for reference:
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Shima Kay

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Post #12 made on 09/19/12 @ 10:28 pm
Think u can draw this? (theres like 6 stages, just a warning XD) http://th09.deviantart.net/fs70/PRE/i/2012/158/6/b/demon_cat_by_demondarks-d52l9ev.jpg OfflineNormal UserSheshca

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Post #13 made on 10/26/12 @ 1:41 pm
Hi! Do you think you could do me a squiby of my warrior cats cherrie ambersky? Here is the link to my profile - http://warriorcatsrpg.com/index.php?action=profile
Stage 1 - Ambersky as a kit
Stage 2 - Ambersky as an adult
Stage 3 - Ambersky with a black kit and a (find details on link) mate
Please make this password protected!!!
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Post #14 made on 10/29/12 @ 11:17 pm
Do you think you can make a chibi version of the false god Nine Tails (from Okami)? :D I would love to see her in chibi form.

1. a little ninetails themed egg
2. Nine tails pup
3. a regular Nine tails
oh and if you don't mind make it password protected so it can be special :3
Thxs for reading me :)
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