Email Solution For New Site Reached! Update Information!

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Hi Everyone! : D

After accidentally banning myself because I was taking care of spam accounts and clicked on the tab with my own profile LOL! (I can only laugh at how silly that was lololol! Ahem!)

Anyway! Here is the message I received after getting my silly mistake taken care of!

"Please give a warning to everybody that update the emails now.

Once we launch the site, a message will go to users on the provided email. The owner will use the link to log in and we will ask the owner to request for the account merge by showing the accounts under his/her email. The user may click/choose account which he or she owns. We will combine the data for all those accounts. The accounts that users do not recognize will be considered fraudulent. Those accounts will be deleted immediately.
On squiby all new users are being registered with emails from last 9 months and it worked nicely. For new site it will be the same process for new users.
More later."

And that is the message for everyone! Though I also had been made aware of certain users that have multiple accounts with different emails btw. I will work on getting those merged as well! ; )

One of the AdminsWho can not WAIT till the new site is revealed and we MOVE!
bb : D


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