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I know someone already suggested about interacting with their pets to play with them- so i'm adding on a little extra. I hope this might not sound like too much. :"D
An item shop with interactive pet items? (Such as food items, health items, etc.) Add on a feature where pets have "Emotion".

- Food items can improve friendship with adopts.
- Health items can replenish pets and restore lost energy/health.
- Toy items could change the mood of the pets.
- Point/gold chests can be bought with real money or can be found. (To encourage more users to donate to keep up the site! First gold chest could be $1.)
^ A Squiby Starter Pack? (Contains points and items.)
The arena would be a good idea to win huge prizes of points and start a competitive activity on there. :D

Extra stuff

- A BATTLE ARENA, OHOHOHO (I'm asking for too much)
- The Arena's Market, for Arena stuff.
-Members can sign any of their pets up as "Battle Pets" in the arena, giving them their starter battle stats. (Start up for competitive and activity!) (Pets not entered in the arena will not have any stats and will be a regular pet. And, perhaps, adoptable creators could have an option where they could allow the pet to be used in an arena.)
- Battle Stats - Add a green health bar indicator. (Or a health number indicator)
- Members can pay a certain about of points to change their pets stats and level boosts. - Pets can level up in battles or acquired items.
- Arena Level is different from Click/Normal adopt level.
- "Class Books" can be used on an adopt and choose their class permanently for the Arena.
- Weapons/Skills may be equipped.
- Up to 3 pets can be entered in Arena.

- Add pet interactive mini-games.
- Go "Treasure hunting" with 1 selected companion/adopt. Click around on a interactive map to search. Companion will always help finding items and guard your along on your journey! (Normal users have limited clicking, about 15-20. Resets after 24 hrs.)
- Treasure Hunters get a limited storage backpack to store their items while hunting. After they're done, they can bulk-send their items to their inventory.
- Achievements with Badges and Point rewards (50-100 points each)

Extra-extra Stuff
- Trading system? (Extremely useful for pets who were limited.)
- The recolor option. (Useful for users who don't want to keep uploading recolors of their pets (?), one pet can include each and every of its recolor and a user can choose from the list of recolor, it can only be done once. Recoloring items/kits can be purchased with points/ Or just spend points to choose another recolor OR they can just adopt another recolor, but has to be limited to 2. - Remember the Squiby Hoarders? xD)

Kuro's tiny visualization
nfgj.pngsorrynotsorry Akaku :[
better click on that potion, rite

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Noice, I like it.

Also, why would anyone need to adopt more than 2 of one adopt? It seems strange.
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@MH_Friend I understand people do it to have all of the stages, but many people just do it to hoard on purpose...Which is pointless. OfflineGold memberkurosukei

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B-b-b-b-but my heart just wants all of Kuro's stages!
*Gramma pouts because she is a collector of awesome arts!* X'''D

bb ; D *Coffee level ACHIEVED!!!* >; D

PS: (You know I only adopt exactly how many stages it says it has...or how my cheaty cheating-ness of Admin status shows how many you created for it ohhoooo!)

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@bragbrassed No, no your type of hoarding is ok, Grandma i'm tlaking about the people who adopt like 20+ for no reason xD OfflineGold memberkurosukei

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*Gramma's eeeevil plan to guilt her precious Pink Tofu Block Godson WORKED OHHOOOOOOO!*.......*GETS a flying kick to her ankle....*.....*dodges as only a fairy-godmudder can DO!!!*
>; B

Thank you for easing my constant adopting of every level, fears ohhoooo! *HUGS YOU till I get smacked to let goooo!* X D : D : 3

On a serious note: I think we will try to get a feature of the artists choosing how many per person...THEMSELVES. I like that idea! : D I also see the weird hoarders....adopting and shoving it all in their faves. It is unfair to the others when it comes to this happening to Limited adopts. I really want to make it so the extras can be retrieved. *sighs*

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