Offering 2-3 free commissions

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I am offering two or three free commissions. You can check out my style on my profile, but I am free to pick whatever style I want to in your case.

I can draw animals or fantasy creatures of any kind, Pokémon or human chibis (anime, game or manga characters only).
Details will be reduced and depend on whatever you want me to do.

What you'll get:
-egg and 1 evolution (fully grown)

Since I want to give everyone a chance, it's not first come, first serves -
(it is, in a sense - since the deadline is somewhen I'll choose)
what you have to do:

-> Post an example of what you want (visual reference)
-> state in a few words why exactly you want to have it drawn by me

I'll randomly pick any post which fits the criteria.

What I won't draw:
No new Pokémon, no new game characters (I don't want any spoilers of any upcoming games in general), no real characters or close to looking real characters.

Thanks and good luck!

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Post #2 made on 07/11/16 @ 12:09 am
Could I toss Ring out there for you to consider?
Refs: o1 o2 o3
Or, if you'd like to try something more animal-ish, consider my OC-based Wickerbeast?
I would like to have Ring or Radiumbeast drawn by you because you're an awesome artist and I've always found you make really cute chibis.
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How are you?
Thank you for your kind words. :)

since it's a commission, I made it into a private creation.
I am sure you can figure out the password, ah-ah.

I'll send you the big version once you figured it out. Let me know. :P
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Post #4 made on 07/11/16 @ 5:27 pm
Haha, I figured it out based on the design of the egg. P: Thank you!
I'm doing okay, for the most part. I'm still jobless, and I've recently been prescribed anxiety pills but for the most part I'm doing alright. How about yourself? It's been a while since we've talked!
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Oooi~ I have one, maybe? :D
Motoko Kusanagi?
(Game outfit version because I like it better than the anime version?)
That's from a anime that's been out since probably 1997? And the game which is not officially released yet but in early beta testing, but since you stated no new games I'm not really sure because it's new and old and the same time, I didn't really think about it either because I'm an official early beta tester of the game and since it's been revealed in the previews, oops. ;v; Buuut, she's not really new. xD
On the other hand, That's all, though if the outfit is too complicated you could do a dimple version of it, if you want lol. I'm a huge ad loyal fan of the Ghost in the Shell series since I was a kid/young teen, and I just really, really, really love Motoko. ;v;
Drawn you because I'm broke I like your art and coloring style, (the type of color style I'm trying to achieve, rip) and I never actually had anything of any sort commissioned for me. LOL
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Whoops, sorry Kuro!
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Hello hello! Maybe you will want to make mine? :D

Here is the album with the references! Please excuse me if they're a bit hard to follow, I made it a while ago and have been a little too lazy to update it! ^^;

This is my character, Spice! I have had her ever since I was a little kid, and the youngest I remember I drew her was 5 years old! (I know, crazy, right?! Of course she wasn't as well-drawn or detailed as she is now, haha..) Anyways, getting to the point apart from that, I really like your art! It's so cute and has a really nice style, and the lines are so nice and clean! I have to congratulate you on that front! Haha!

Also, your shading and colouring is literally perfect.. it's so pretty! And it looks so professionally made! If I didn't see it on Squiby I swear I would think it's from a TV show or something! I think Spice would look absolutely adorable in your style!

Anyways, I'm sure you don't want to read too much more, so I'll make my thank yous short and sweet! ^^;

Thank you so so much in advance if you do end up making her! I'd mean a lot to me, really. ^^
Thanks again! (^w^)/
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