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Post #1 made on 12/16/15 @ 6:10 am
What programs do y'all normally use/recommend when making Squibies?

I apologize in advance if this topic has already been created. ^^'

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Post #2 made on 12/29/15 @ 4:32 pm
Well if you want a free program to draw with, I use Krita if that helps any! =^^=

Pretty nice with a variety of tools, but sometimes not the best.
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Post #3 made on 10/19/16 @ 12:33 am
i draw by hand scan it and colors are photoshop OfflineNormal Userjelenasseid

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Post #4 made on 01/01/17 @ 11:13 am
I use Paint Tool SAI. (I'm thinking of making more adopts, I haven't yet)
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Post #5 made on 01/04/17 @ 3:37 pm
I use MS Paint and PaintTool SAI. OfflineGold memberMyLittlePonyPaloooza

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